Best Acca Insurance Offers – Money Back on 5 Fold + Bets

Betfred Acca Insurance explained

  • Are you looking for bookmakers that pay out Acca Insurance on losing bets?
With the bookmakers listed below when you place a 5 + Acca bet and only 1 leg lets you down you will get your stake returned (up to the offer amount).

We know how frustrating it can be to lose out on a winning Acca bet when only one of the bets  loses.

 The Acca Insurance offers mean you get a chance to bet again and it means you won't be short of pocket. 

The following sites are ranked as the best bookies for accumulators in 2023.

We have also included the Acca Bonus offers from the online bookmakers. Now you can enjoy extra payouts on your winning accumulator bets.

The bonuses kick in on winning Trebles and 4-Fold's upwards (only available at some of the bookmakers others pay out from 5 and 6-Folds, see the terms quoted).

Which Bookies offer Acca insurance?

While looking for which bookies offer acca insurance we came across the following top online betting sites.

All the bookmakers feature in our list above with details of their acca insurance offers.

  • Betfred
  • Boylesports
  • Hollywoodbets
  • Netbet

What is a 5 Fold Accumulator Bet?

A 5 fold accumulator bet is a wager that combines five selections into a single bet that pays out only if all selections win.

The advantage of a 5 fold accumulator bet is that the winnings are much higher at the expense of the increased risk.

Only a single leg selection needs to lose for the entire bet to lose. This is where the bookmaker acca insurance offers come into play.

A free bet can be gained up to £50 if you lose by one leg of your 5 fold accumulator bet, thus giving you a chance to re bet.

More Acca Insurance Offers other than 5-Fold's

Not every bookmaker offers the 5 fold acca insurance offer – check out the alternatives that may suit you better like the 6 + Fold 100% acca Insurance offer.

You can also gain bonuses, loyalty acca free bets and bet boosts on your accumulator bets from many of the leading online bookie offers for accumulator betting.

About Acca Insurance Offers

Not long ago, online sportsbooks began to roll out features that completely changed the way bettors wagered on sports. Live in-play betting and cash out features were implemented by many of the top online sportsbooks and life turned upside down.

Both features were accepted with open arms by bettors and now, it is difficult to think of life without either.

Acca insurance is another great feature many of the top sportsbooks have adopted, and bettors have flocked to sites such as William Hill and Betfred to take advantage of the feature.

What is Acca Insurance?

The concept behind acca insurance is genius as it refunds a bettor's stake.

For example if one team in a five-team accumulator bet prevents you from winning. We have all been in that situation before.

For instance you pick five teams to win on an English Premier League weekend.

However Liverpool give up a late equaliser at Watford but the remaining four Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal all won.

Well, it is okay with acca insurance, because you get your £20 stake back in the form of a free bet. That isn't too bad, but, of course, it would have been better to win the bet, right?.

The refunded stake can be used as a free bet and it eases the frustrations of losing the original bet thanks to Simon Mignolet's weak hands.

Why do you need Acca Insurance?

Of course, acca insurance is perfect for bettors who love to play accumulators for a big pay out. It always seems like it is just one team that lets you down, so why not have some backing when you make that accumulator bet?.

Betfred Acca insurance is also great for the bettor who loves to wager on their own team.

Want to wager on your team during their next trip to Old Trafford? Well, acca insurance can save you from losing cash when your club gets throttled.

Acca insurance is also great for bettors who want to take a chance on an underdog.

Perhaps you fancy Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal this weekend, but want to put Huddersfield on your betting slip because they are 10/1 to beat Southampton.

Well, you can, and if the Terriers fail to win, you get your cash back in the form of a free bet. It is win-win.

Not every online sportsbook offers customers the acca insurance feature, so bettors who want to use it need to shop around before signing up to a betting company.

Free bet maximum amounts also vary depending on the bookmakers online.

The Benefit of Accumulator Free Bets

A cashback free bet is like getting free money, and we all love getting free cash. It also helps with those weekends when one football match can leave you frustrated after selecting four winners.

Acca insurance is a fantastic tool for bettors, and one that will keep you winning week after week. Acca insurance is so good, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

All the bookmakers listed on this page give you the acca insurance.

The best acca insurance offers apply to when you place a 5-Fold or more combination bets and ONE of your selections lets you down.

It's a great way to gain compensation and give you another chance to place another accumulator bet.

For example you can use the free bet award to put down another acca bet.

Compare the bookmaker sites and see which ones pay out the most in free bets per day or has the lowest odds requirement of your acca bet.

Best Betting Sites for Football Accumulators

  • Betfred
  • Boylesports
  • Hollywoodbets
  • Netbet
  • Mr PlaySports

Football accumulators, also known as accas, are one of the most exciting in football betting. Adored by many UK punters, accas are essentially a single bet made of multiple selections.

In order to win, they must all be successful. Even if just one lets you down, you will lose the bet.

As you might have guessed so far, the returns for football accumulators are often huge even for small bets.

The stake is calculated by the odds which might lead to some pretty big wins.

Football is the perfect sport for accumulators. There are thousands of matches every week you can combine on a single slip.

The Premier League, for example, is played over the weekend and is perfect for UK punters who love nothing more than betting on accas.

You can put as many matches on the slip as you want. Simply head to your favourite online bookies, click on the match winners you want to back on and all the selections will be automatically added to an accumulator.

Football accas are great for both beginners and high rollers. New punters get to try their luck for a relatively small price, while high rollers can invest a bit more and win thousands or even millions of pounds.

Football accumulators have already made dozens of punters millionaires and the next one could be you.

How to Win Big on Accas

Luck plays a big part in football accumulators. Of course, staying informed is also important. If you want to place your bet on a Premier League accumulator, it makes sense for you to be a follower of the league.

Since there are multiple matches involved, you’ll need to read football tips and predictions in order to increase your chances to win the bet.

These kinds of tips are usually available at the biggest bookies online. Often made by football experts, they offer useful info that might make all the difference between losing or winning your accumulator.

What you need to keep in mind about accas is the fact that your chances to win them are lower than a single bet. This, of course, is due to the number of matches involved.

If you’re good at football betting, you still have a shot to win big. Keep reading previews, tips, and predictions and you’ll be an inch closer to winning thousands of pounds on a tiny bet.

Reviews of the Best bookies for Accumulators

The UK is known as the mecca of online betting with millions of fans.

Punters love betting on the exciting matches in the Premier League and other football competitions such as the Champions League.

With so many matches in play almost every day, you wouldn’t want to miss on all the action.

The sites you’ll see below have been recommended by our experts as the best bookies for accumulators. Each one offers football accumulators as well as acca insurance and other promotions you can use to spice things up.

Better yet, they all offer great odds on football matches across Europe, giving you even more incentive to try accas.

Betfred Acca Insurance

Betfred is one of the oldest and most popular bookies both offline and online in the UK. It has a great number of sports events and leagues to bet on, particularly for football.

Betfred has been praised for its large number of promotions for the UK punters, and we can confirm it.

From football accumulators and the special Betfred Acca Insurance to Best Odds Guaranteed on horse races, it’s a great place for all UK punters.

The great news about Betfred is that it gives insurance on accas that will give you a free bet in return even if one of your selections fails.

Imagine this – you’re building an accumulator for a pound with a solid payout in return. You get all matches right except for one.

  • A bummer, right?
  • Well, not at Betfred.

The popular bookie’s promo allows you to collect a free bet up to £10 if one of your selections lets you down. It’s an excellent promotion for new UK punters and great for regulars too.

Betfred’s list of bonuses and promos gives you plenty of chances to earn extra cash.

With great odds on the Premier League in tow, it’s no wonder that the bookie is so popular among UK punters. Before claiming the offer, make sure to read the terms and conditions first.

Hollywoodbets Acca Insurance

Hollywoodbets is a new arrival to the UK online betting market but is already an established heavyweight from South Africa.

Players who join Hollywoodbets stand a chance of winning their stake back up to 5 times if they lose one event in their football accumulator bets.

All the acca insurance returns are in the form of free bets and players can get from £10, £25 or £50 back depending  on the size of the accumulator bet.

To claim the Hollywoodbets Insurance offer simply drop an email to the friendly with ACCA INSURANCE in the title.

Make sure you include your account number and the transaction ID of the acca bet.

Take a look a the offer details and how much you can claim back on your accumulator bet below.

Full Stake Refund

– 5+ Selections
– Limited to Win/Draw Fulltime Markets only
– Combined Odds of 4/1 (5.0) or more
– If 1 event loses receive Stake Back as Free Bet. Max £10

Double Stake Refund

– 8+ Selections
– Limited to Win/Draw Fulltime Markets only
– Combined odds of 10/1 (11.0) or more
– If 1 event loses receive 2 x Stake Back as Free Bet. Max £25

5 x Stake Refund

– 12+ Selections
– Limited to Win/Draw Fulltime Markets only
– Combined odds of 25/1 (26.0) or more
– If 1 event loses receive 5 x stake back as a Free Bet up to Max £50

Now you know how to get your insurance claim in case you need it, all you have to do is head over to Hollywoodbets and take advantage of the football odds on offer.

NetBet Acca Insurance

Another popular UK Bookie, NetBet has added revolutionary features to its arsenal that make it so great. The bookie comes with an endless list of markets to bet on led by the Premier League.

Accas can be built with ease at NetBet online, and features such as Add2Bet make this bookie even more exciting.

There are plenty of promotions to get excited about as well. From the Cashout feature to Golden Goal, you’ll have many chances to win big.

Combo Boosts on your winnings and the specialized and powerful Bet Maker tool make it a bookie that UK players shouldn’t miss.

Signing up at NetBet mobile gives you a chance to nab a £10 free bet. There’s no acca insurance promo here, but the great odds are more than enough to satisfy the tastes of all punters.

You can build a football accumulator at NetBet using a variety of major and minor European leagues. Thanks to live betting and the site’s advanced statistics on all matches, you’ll be immersed in the heat of the action 24/7.

Are Football Accumulators Worth It?

Of course they are! We’re all in it to win it and while single matches give you better chances, football accumulators are far more exciting.

Thanks to acca insurance promos, you won’t even have to fear losing by one bet. You won’t get the full eventual return, but you do get your stake back.

The bookies above are considered the crème de la crème for football accas.

If you want the best odds and return along with insurance for your original stake, build your accas at these sites with ease.