Online betting is not just a great way to follow your favourite events and sports, but it also provides you with an opportunity to earn some money.

Variety is the spice of life and there are plenty of online betting sites that believe in offering a fantastic variety of cash back offers, special offers and free bets to attract new customers.

Identifying the best betting offers among many available options allows you to start betting straight away, without taking any undue risks.

Although there is nothing better than getting some free betting money to kick off your betting campaign, most punters often complain that they encounter immense difficulty in choosing the best free bet offers among so many betting offers.

To identify the best betting offer you need to start by understanding the real reasons of providing such offers, so that you can segregate good offers from bad ones.

Why betting sites offer free bets and bonuses

As the number of betting sites are increasing on the web it is becoming difficult for them to attract new customers.

Therefore, to attract new customers and to keep the existing ones happy, most betting sites offer bonuses.

Essentially, these free bets and bonuses are incentives offered for encouraging you to place your bets with them.

Betting sites believe that it is a good strategy to give away some money if they get a regular customer in return, as they will earn more money in the long run.

However, you can take maximum advantage of these betting offers by carefully analysing their terms and conditions, by betting in a smart way and by efficiently managing your win money. In such cases, bonuses can end up being extra profit for you.

Importance of understanding bonus terms and conditions

Almost all free bets come with special requirements, meaning that you need to carefully study the terms and conditions of the offers before placing your wager.

There are some betting sites that will match the stake of your first bet, others will give you a full refund on your first losing bet, while some will offer free bets to all their new customers.

What you need to realise is that in most betting sites the free bets are winnings only, which means if you use a free bet, its stake will not be included in your winnings.

However, some sites allow you to keep both the stake amount and the winnings. You must check this in detail, because it will make a significant difference to the value of a free bet.

Also, these free bet offers usually need to be wagered within a given period of time or else they will expire.

Therefore, the best free bet offers are the ones that are available for a longer period of time. In most of the betting sites the wagering requirements depend upon the type of bets.

For example, some betting sites don’t count the bets that are placed at really short odds.

Types of betting offers and bonuses

Although sign up bonus is the most common bonus offered by betting sites, there are many other free bets and bonus offers available.

Some betting sites, instead of giving you a bonus, offer you free bets of a fixed value when you make your first deposit.

Also, there are some sites that give free bet offers no deposit, so that you can make a free bet after joining them.

Such offers are great for amateur bettors as they are able to start betting without investing their own money.

Some betting sites offer risk free first bet, because they give you refund if your first bet loses. In addition to sign up bonuses, some betting sites also offer reload bonuses to keep their existing customers happy.

It’s worth comparing all bonuses offered at different sites when deciding where to join, this will help you immensely in getting the best value from the available betting offers.

Most popular betting sites reward their loyal and active customers on a regular basis.

Getting the most out of the best betting offer

To earn most money from online betting you need to properly manage your betting operations.

Although most of the free bets range from £5 to £100 which is not a huge amount, but by opening a dozen betting accounts you can make sure that you have access to around £500 worth of free bets.

This strategy will also ensure that you will have access to the best odds in this business.

Also, some betting sites offer better bonus and free bet offers to bettors of a particular category.

For example, if you are a horse racing fan and are looking for best betting offers Cheltenham festival, there are some sites that can provide better offers because they are specialists in placing horse racing bets.

Therefore, by opening multiple betting accounts with different betting sites you can avail most of the best free bet offers available on the web.

While most bettors are initially attracted to the betting sites that offer higher value free bets, highest is not necessarily always the best in this business.

Several times highest bets require a higher value first bet. Therefore, punters need to look at the wider picture and find the betting sites that offer reasonably generous free bets and bonuses.

You should start by looking at the weekly betting offers that a site provided to its customers. This way you will be able to find sites that offer moneyback deals on certain types of bets, odds boosts, or free bet promotions on various sporting events to their customers.


Online betting sites are always promoting free bets and betting offers.

Amateur punters and bettors with small bankrolls can use these offers to their advantage and earn some extra cash.

Also, seasoned bettors can use such offers to turn things around if they are trying to get out of their losing streak.

However, the most important thing is to find the best betting offers that are worthy of your time. The information given above will be valuable for both sets of players, as they will be able to find the best free bet offers on the web.

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