Get the Jump on Your Rugby Bets with BoyleSports’ Exclusive Early Payout Option

BoyleSports Early Payout Rugby Offer

Updated: 12th April 2024

14 Points Ahead – Early Payout – Rugby Offer at Boylesports

Rugby enthusiasts and bettors alike are always on the lookout for better betting options to increase their chances of winning. In this regard, BoyleSports, one of the leading online bookmakers, offers an exclusive Early Payout option specifically tailored to cater to rugby bets.

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This article aims to explain the offer and the associated terms to help you make informed decisions while wagering on rugby matches.

1. What is BoyleSports' Early Payout Option?

Get paid out early if your Rugby team gets 14 points ahead.

BoyleSports' Early Payout option is a unique feature that enables bettors to receive their winnings before a match has concluded.

This option applies to selected rugby games, providing users with a chance to secure their winnings early, regardless of the final outcome.

2. How does the Early Payout Option work?

  1. Place your rugby bet on the 14 points ahead market.
  2. Get paid out as a winner if your team is winning by 14 points even if you draw or lose. 80 minutes play only full terms and conditions apply.

To avail the benefits of the Early Payout option, customers need to place pre-match single bets on designated rugby matches.

If the chosen team takes a substantial lead during the game, BoyleSports triggers the Early Payout feature, resulting in the immediate payment of winnings.

Bet At Boylesports HEREBet At Boylesports HERE

3. Terms and Conditions:

a. Eligible Tournaments: The Early Payout option applies to specified rugby tournaments and matches, as indicated on the BoyleSports website or mobile application.

b. Pre-match Single Bets: To qualify for the Early Payout option, users must place single bets before the specified match starts. Accumulator bets or in-play wagers are generally not eligible for this feature.

c. Early Payout Triggers: The Early Payout will be triggered if the chosen team takes a predefined lead during the game. The trigger point and lead margin vary for each match, so it is crucial to review the terms specific to the event you are betting on.

d. Winning Calculation: Once the Early Payout is triggered, BoyleSports will settle the bet promptly, paying out the winnings as if the match had concluded. The payout amount is determined based on the original odds at the time of placing the bet.

e. Bet Settlement: In the event that the Early Payout option is triggered, the game will still continue. However, the result of the match after the trigger will not impact the Early Payout, and customers will have already received their winnings.

f. Cash and Free Bet Offers: BoyleSports usually pays out the Early Payout winnings in cash, which means there are no wagering requirements for bettors.

However, sometimes the payout may be in the form of free bets. If this is the case, the terms and conditions of the free bet offer will apply.

4. Advantages of BoyleSports' Early Payout Option:

a. Risk Management: The Early Payout option provides an opportunity to mitigate potential losses by securing winnings before the game concludes. It allows bettors to lock in profits if their chosen team has a significant lead, reducing the element of uncertainty.

b. Real-Time Decision Making: The Early Payout feature enables bettors to be proactive rather than relying solely on the final outcome of the match. By monitoring the live game progress, punters can decide to secure their winnings based on how well the chosen team is performing.

c. Convenient and User-Friendly: BoyleSports' Early Payout option is easily accessible on their website or mobile app. Placing bets and keeping track of live scores is a seamless experience, ensuring users have quick access to their potential winnings.


BoyleSports' Exclusive Early Payout option grants rugby bettors an advantage, allowing them to secure their winnings before the match's conclusion.

By understanding the terms and conditions associated with this feature, you can make more informed betting decisions and increase your chances of success.

Take advantage of this unique offering for an enhanced betting experience with BoyleSports.

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