Betfred Cash Out for your Sports Bets Explained

Betfred Cash Out Explained

The Betfred Cash Out feature is available on a large choice of Football, Golf, Tennis and Horse Racing betting markets. The cash out option gives you the chance to settle your bet early. Identify the availability by looking for the cashout button where it appears on selected bet markets. 

Betfred Cash Out Explained

Betfred Cash Out for your Sports Bets Explained
Where to find the Cash Out Button?

Look for the cashout button symbol under the Betslip. There's also a dedicated Cash Out page where you can see if your bet qualifies for the feature. You will have to be logged in to the site to see the cashout page listings.

Why Use Betfred Cash Out?

The benefit of using the cashout feature mean you have control over your bets when they are still in play.

Imagine a senario. You have backed three or more football teams or horses on the same bet slip in a Trixie bet or Accumulator.

You log in and see that two of your selections are winning but the third match looks dubious for win purposes. Now would be the time to Cash Out if you wanted.

You can release any potential winnings without the risk of losing the bet entirely. The Betfred Cash Out option gives you a way to release winnings and a profit without relying on further risk.

Betfred Cash Out Terms & Conditions


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