Bovada Review Pros & Cons

Bovada Review


Before you place your first wager at the Bovada sportsbook, read our Bovada review to find out;

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  • What can the US betting site offer you as a bettor?
  • Whether or not Bovada is a legit place to wager. (It is)
  • Does the Bovada sportsbook have good customer service?
  • Are payouts fast and uncomplicated?

Bovada has been around for over a decade, and its longevity has helped increase its reputation as one of the best online sportsbook sites.

Bovada hasn't just built a reputation with customers; the sportsbook's odds are often cited by websites and blogs when referring to sports betting in the US. That is great praise for Bovada as the group is one of the leaders in the US facing sports betting.

Bovada isn't just about sports; the company also offers casino games. With so much on offer, it may be a bit overwhelming for some punters when deciding whether to create an account with Bovada.

So, what should you know about this leader in sports betting?

Bovada: Pros

Bovada has an incredible amount of sports to wager on. It is an embarrassment of riches. Punters will find MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL available to wager on. There is also tennis, soccer, MMA/UFC, golf and horse racing. But that is just some great sports markets to scroll through, as there are plenty more betting options.

There are also major events that make Bovada a great sportsbook. The company takes events like the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and more very seriously and offers bonuses and prop bets accordingly.

If casino games are your thing or you want to get away from wagering just on sports, Bovada offers more than 150 casino games. With so many games, you would think that many would be the same; but that isn't the case. Bovada has deals with multiple software and game providers. Therefore, the variety of casino games is better than most other online casinos.

Finally, Bovada has a bet minimum of just $1. Which allows players who only wager the occasional buck or two to play.

Bovada: Cons

One complaint that is often leveled at Bovada is late lines. But the reason the company does this, as it has explained, is due to its focus on casual players. Bovada has made an attempt to go for the recreational bettor, and much of the betting on games (especially NFL) comes within an hour of kickoff. That is according to Bovada themselves, so don't expect them to change.

For those serious or professional gamblers, they may not like Bovada's focus on recreational players. It isn't a surprise that an often-seen complaint is that Bovada has a max bet limit that ranges between $100US and $2,000US depending on the sport. Punters who like to put large sums down on games will most likely look somewhere else for an online sportsbook.

In terms of making deposits and getting payouts, this is an area that can prevent bettors from signing up with the company. Credit card and bitcoin are the only two ways to deposit money into your account. Of course, that is fine as most customers will have a Visa or Mastercard on hand.

However, the payouts are frustrating as customers will only be able to receive their winnings by Bitcoin or by check. Yes, a paper check. According to customer reviews, it takes around 20 days to get the check from Bovada.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin payouts are pretty much instant to another Bitcoin wallet.

Bovada Review: Bonuses

The Bovada website has plenty of bonuses and rewards punters can obtain.

For starters, there is a $250 welcome bonus. There is also a Bitcoin promotional bonus which encourages punters to use the digital currency to wager on sports.

Along with bonuses, Bovada runs promotions for returning customers. You can receive points for betting on sports and casino games.

The points you earn can then be redeemed for cash bonuses to wager later on. It is a great concept, but one that once again shows Bovada's focus on casual bettors.

In addition to the bonuses and promotions already covered, Bovada has a refer a friend bonus that can see your account balance increase up to $100US. Finally, there is an incredible casino signup bonus that could land you $3,000US to wager.

Bovada Review: Key features

The website is easy to navigate. The sports available to wager on will be listed down the left-hand side of the webpage. Meanwhile the games will be listed down the centre of the page. It is basic, simple, and in no way, overwhelming.

One of the main features Bovada boasts about is the chance to wager using Bitcoin sports betting. The sportsbook even gives a healthy bonus to punters interested in using the digital currency.

It seems Bovada is really going heavy on Bitcoin, currently. As it only takes 16 hours to process a winning payout, it may be the best and quickest way to get your money from the sportsbook.

Bovada: Reputation

Everything about Bovada is geared toward American casual bettors. From the promotions and bonuses to the minimum bets and sports markets, Bovada is all about US punters.

Due to the sports the company offers and its customer service, Bovada has created a great reputation with punters. The variety of sports, racing and casino games have also increased its popularity with bettors.

Don't forget, many betting news website and sports blogs cite Bovada's lines. This has only increased the reputation and trust American bettors have in the sportsbook.

If you can handle around three weeks to receive your winnings, plus the three days it takes for the check to clear, then Bovada could be the sportsbook for you.

If betting with a recreational betting website and the limited options for payouts is a problem, then you may want to look elsewhere.

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