Best Football Betting Sites in 2018

A list of the best football betting sites for UK punters online in March 2018. Compare the specific football betting promotions available for new punters.

In the above list of bookmakers you can see which betting sites we recommend for football betting. There's good reasons why we think the football betting sites stand above the many online sites that appear on the web. The offers available for betting on football that each site provides mean they tailor their bonuses and betting markets for the football punter. Whether it's best odds on the latest game, money back on 0-0 results, no score draws or bonuses paid out on late goals. You can find all these offers and types of promotions available at the football betting sites listed on this page.

Best Football betting sites for Accumulators

Thanks to the advent of online football betting, many new betting options have become available to punters around the world.

One of the most popular forms of football betting is accumulator bets and you can find this option available at all good online bookmakers. However, some football betting sites do it better than others. Below you will find examples of the best betting sites for football accumulators.

What is a Football Accumulator?

Football accumulators are loved by gamblers because they offer the chance to bet across several different football matches and combine the bets into one single bet, with greater odds.

So, if you plan to bet on the winner of two or more football matches, you can add these bets together and the bookmaker will automatically generate new odds for you based on the chosen games and bets. The odds will always be larger than the individual odds on the matches.

While the odds will be greater on an accumulator bet than a bet placed on a single match, the risk of losing the bet also increases. If you have a five-match accumulator bet and one of your selections is a loser, the whole bet fails. Thankfully, there are ways around this, which we will come to shortly.

Landing just one football accumulator bet, with even a small stake, can result in a huge win and life changing money. In addition, football accumulator bets are fun and a great way to add interest across various football leagues around the world.

So, what are the best football betting sites for accumulators?.

Football Accumulator betting sites

As mentioned above, there are many online bookmakers which provide football accumulator bets but some offer better options and deals than others.

BetVictor's Price Promise

Arguable the pick of the best betting sites for football accumulators is BetVictor, a popular British bookmaker. BetVictor guarantee the best odds on football accumulators featuring five teams or more thanks to their fantastic price promise. The BetVictor price promise means you never need to compare your football accumulator with other online bookmakers to see which is the best available.

Therefore, you can save a great deal of time by simply heading to the BetVictor website and placing your five-fold or more football accumulator safe in the knowledge you are receiving the best odds for your bet.

While BetVictor offer the best odds for football accumulators, there are other betting sites for football accumulators which have special offers worth considering.

William Hill's Acca Five Offer

One such bookmaker is William Hill and they have a great Acca Five offer which means if one team lets you down in a five-fold football accumulator bet, you will receive your stake bet as a free bet. Think of all the times your football accumulator has some so close but you have just lost out due to one match. The agony is softened when betting at William Hill thanks to their Acca Five and you can use the returned stake to create another exciting accumulator.

Fun88 Refunds up to £50

Another online bookmaker which offers money back if one leg of a five-fold plus accumulator lets you down is Fun88 and they will refund you up to £50 if you miss out by just one match. So, you can count on William Hill and Fun88 to keep you playing if one leg of your accumulator lets you down, without the need to add more funds to your account.

While William Hill and Fun88 offer you a free bet token, Betfair go one step further and will give you your money back as cash if one leg of your football accumulator bet lets you down. Known as Acca Edge, you must accept slightly lower odds to participate in this promotion but you will be happy you did if you lose out by one match and have your stake returned in cash.

Coral Super Acca Insurance

Football betting site Coral take things one step further and will give a refund if more than one leg of your football accumulator bet lets you down. Coral Super Acca Insurance provides a refund of up to £25 as a free bet on accumulators of 6 to 8 teams if one team loses, accumulators of 9 to 10 teams if two teams lose and on accumulators of 11 or more teams if three teams lose.

So, if you are planning on placing a football accumulator bet including 9 or more teams, Coral is a great place to bet because more than one leg can let you down and you can receive a refund and try again.

There are many football betting sites offering accumulator bets but those highlighted above are considered the best betting sites for football accumulators.

Football betting coupons

Football betting coupons can be an incredibly fun way to wager on matches. Punters can find football betting coupons that target specific trebles and fourfold bets and win large payouts for very little money staked. You may find that a coupon brings variety to your football betting, or if you are new to wagering on the sport, football betting coupons are simple ways to begin betting. So, which coupons should you explore?.

Football betting coupons – Match results

There are a variety of football betting coupons you can find online or at your local bet shop. The most popular football betting coupons are for match results. The coupon makes betting on football matches easy and fast. You can wager on singles, doubles, trebles or accumulators when using a coupon. Betting websites such as Bet365 offer an odds on coupon for punters to select match winners from. Once you make your selections, you can sit back and watch the results roll in. You will need to wait until the full 90 minutes is up in each match to know if you have won your bet.

Football betting coupons – Both teams to score

Another great football betting coupon is the both teams to score coupon. This coupon allows you to make your selections based on whether both teams will score or not. It is pretty simple, and the description is pretty much in the name.

Punters can select singles, doubles, trebles, a fourfold or accumulators when placing this bet. Ladbrokes has a great both teams to score coupon for punters to enjoy. Selections are quick and easy to make. Not only can you make your selections in no time at all, but you can wager a small amount of money with the chance to win a large payout.

The best part about a both teams to score coupon is you won't need one of the teams to win the match. All you need to do is hope both teams score – or don't. If you select both teams to score in the fixture, you could have the bet won before the match even reaches halftime. The match result does not factor into whether the bet is a winner or loser.

Football betting coupons – Betfred Goals Galore

Betfred's Goals Galore coupon is one of the most exciting specialty coupons offered to punters. Goals Galore is only offered by Betfred and gives you another reason to open an account with the sportsbook. Punters simply select three or more matches on their coupon and whether or not both teams will score. After making the selections, you can sit back and watch the matches and count the goals.

The Goals Galore coupon is similar to the both teams to score coupon. However, you can use a bonus coupon to enhance the odds. Win, lose or draw, you will win this bet depending on the goals.

Football betting coupons make betting on the game even more exciting. If you have never tried a football betting coupon, add one to your betting strategy this weekend. Watch the goals roll in and enjoy your wins.

Featured Football Betting Promotions and Aids

You can read more in depth on the football betting sites promotions listed below which all serve to aid the football punter. These include our insightful football betting tips. You can also learn more insights and benefit from the selected football betting offers below. We explain how the 0-0 no score result money back promotion works. How you can gain a 100% bonus on top of your football accumulators. Watch football odds change in real time with the football odds checker and select your chosen best price market. Compare football betting odds against the leading bookmakers to obtain the best price for upcoming matches and tournaments.

Acca Insurance

Acca or Accumulator Insurance is a popular promotion offered by online football betting sites. How it works is that if you place your football accumulator containing 5 or more legs, teams, and one of those selections lets you down you receive a refund ranging from up to £10 of your initial stake up to £50. The amount returned as insurance differs between the football betting sites and their individual offers. It's a good insurance to have as it gives you a chance to have another go on placing a accumulator bet. Or at least it means you won't be burning a hole in your betting bank if you go through a spell of being let down by one result.

Find the best betting site for football accumulators with our comparison of their insurance offers. The key two features you need to look for are the amount of legs, or teams that you can back before the bookmaker pays out a refund. The amount the betting site will refund you on your stake. At up to £50 refunded for each football acca that get's beaten on one team letting you down on up to 5 legs or more, new betting site Fun88 is a good place to start for your acca insurance.

Compare Bookmaker's Acca Insurance Offers

0-0 Score Money Back

The No Score Draw Money Back offer means any match you place a bet on using the “Correct Score betting market” will be refunded. The best part is that there is generally no limit to your refund on these offers. So unlike the accumulator bet refund which has a limit the no score draw refund should cover whatever amount you put on.

All these football betting sites offer refunds on your stake money when the match you wager on ends in 0-0, no score draws. Terms and conditions apply.

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