Double Chance Betfred Betting Explained

double chance bet365 bet explained

Updated: 17th July 2024

Placing a Double chance Betfred bet is essentially a way to decrease the potential outcomes of a football match from 3 to 2.

Instead of placing a bet on a team to win, you can place a bet on that team to win/draw or either team to win.

This strategy is effective if you think the match will be close. However, with decreased risk also comes a decrease in the payout.

Double Chance Betfred bet Explained

In double chance betting, you have three options:

  1. Home team win/ draw
  2. Away team win/ draw
  3. Home team win/ away team win

In the instances above let’s say Manchester United is the home team and Arsenal is the away team.

  • If you place a bet on Manchester United win/draw, then you win the bet if Manchester United wins the match or it ends in a draw.
  • The same goes with if you bet Arsenal to win/draw.

However, if you place a bet on Manchester United or Arsenal, you win the bet if either team wins.

However, if the game ends in a draw, then you lose.

FAQ's on the Double Chance bet at Betfred

We have answered the most popular questions on placing a Double Chance bet below.

What is Double Chance on Betfred?

A double chance bet on Betfred is when you place a bet for the home team or away team to win, the home team to draw or win, or the away team to draw or win.

The double chance Betfred bet requires a different strategy than simply betting on a team to win, lose or draw.

This is because the payout is significantly less than betting on just one result.

 You should use a double chance bet in two instances: 
  1. When you think it’ll be close, you think one team will win but could draw.
  2. You are certain one team will win but not sure which team.

The double chance bet offers some protection for a draw.

Are Double Chance Bets a Single Bet?

A double chance Betfred bet increases your odds of winning by allowing you to pick two potential outcomes for the price of one bet.

This means that you are placing one bet for two outcomes.

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How Do You Place a Double Chance Bet on Betfred?

It’s relatively easy to place a double chance Betfred bet.

The steps include:

  • Logging in
  • Selecting soccer
  • Selecting your league of choice
  • Selecting your match
  • Selecting “other bets.”
  • Selecting a double chance bet
  • Placing your wager and confirming your bet

Does Betfred Pay Double Results?

Betfred does payout on double results.

However, the odds are usually significantly reduced when you place a double bet than if you would place a straight bet on a win, loss, or draw. 

Therefore, while double chance bets give you some protection, they also take away from your gains if you win the bet.

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When Should I Place a Double Chance Bet on the Favourite?

Placing a double bet on the favourite is a good way to protect yourself from a potential tie.

This is a good option when a top club is playing a lower-tier team that is expected to play extremely defensive. 

For example, let’s say Manchester City is playing at Watford in a mid-season Premiere League match and Watford has been in good form lately.

Manchester City isn’t motivated to go out and win the game, while Watford has everything to lose by losing.

If Watford comes out with a formation that looks like they are going to park the bus, then you may want to place a Win/Draw bet for Manchester City.

You’re fairly certain Manchester City won’t lose, but Watford’s defense might hold through 90 minutes.

When Should I Place a Double Chance Bet on the Underdog?

Sometimes it is more advantageous to place a double chance bet on the club that is expected to lose. 

Let’s use the same example as above.

Let’s say Manchester City just played a huge Champions League match the week before and is going to be playing some of their bench players.

You think Watford may win, but they may not be able to break through City’s line.

You’d get a lot better payout if you bet win/draw on Watford than betting win/draw on City.

Additionally, if Watford does manage to win, you still get a pretty big payout.

When Should I Place a Double Chance Bet on the Away Team or Home Team to Win?

A good time to place a double chance bet on a either team winning is when there is a match that needs a result, but neither team is heavily favored.

One example of this is towards the end of the year for teams vying to get in the top four or stay out of the bottom three.

In most instances, every team needs the three points, but the circumstances dictate that anything could happen.

By betting on both teams to win, you guarantee some sort of return if a team wins, but don’t have to pick a specific team.

Should I Consider a Team’s Form When Placing a Double Bet?

The form is one of the most important things to consider when determining if you should place a straight wager on a result or a double chance bet. 

If the favourite is in poor form, you might want to place a win/draw double bet instead of a straight win bet to give yourself some insurance.

Likewise, if the projected loser is in great form you may want to place a win/draw double chance bet on them as they may not win, but they could play well enough to tie.

Should I Look at the Double Chance Odds when Placing a 1×2 Bet?

You should always consider the double chance odds prior to placing a 1×2 bet.

 If the odds aren’t too far off, then it’s better to go with the additional insurance of a double chance bet. 

Does Extra Time Count in a Double Chance Bet?

The bet is not considered final until the end of extra time.

  • This means that you win or lose the score based on the final result.
  • As an example, let’s say you bet win/draw for Chelsea against Tottenham.
  • If your score is 0-0 at 90’, but then Tottenham scores in 92’, then you would lose the bet.

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