What does Each Way mean in football betting First Goalscorer?

What does Each Way mean in football betting First Goalscorer

Updated: 3rd December 2022

  • What does each way mean in football betting first goalscorer Explained.
  • How to get Unlimited Each Way Places on your First Goal Scorer bets.

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In the world of football, an each-way goalscorer bet is essentially two bets.
  1. The first part of the bet is that a given player becomes the first player to score.
  2. The second bet says that the same player will also score the second or third in the game.

These types of football bets are also sometimes called “an each-way first scorer bet”.

When you make an each-way first goalscorer bet, half of your stake is put on a regular bet for who is going to score first.

The other half of the stake is put on the same player and with this one you are betting that the same player is going to score either the second or the third of the match.

Now, a lot of people think that both halves of the bet have to be fulfilled for a ‘win’. This is not quite true as either will guarantee a win.

However, if the player also scores first as well as second or third then the returns are higher.

For instance, the potential return for the second half of the bet is roughly one-quarter of the return that can be gained on the first part of the bet.

Quick example of an each-way goalscorer bet

Let us say that you stake £10 on an each-way goalscorer bet. The odds for this bet are:

  1. 12/1 that your selected player is going to score the first match goal
  2. and the odds are 3/1 that the same player will score either the second or third goal

If the player that you have chosen to back puts away the first goal of the game, plus either the second or the third, you will be paid £130 for the first part of the bet (winnings of £120 plus the original £10).

..and £30 for the second part of the bet giving a total payout of £150 not including your original bet amount.

Supposing your guy (or gal) scores only the second or the third goal?.

Well, you would receive £50 total (£40 plus the original £10).

Of course though, if your player does not score any of the first three goals of the game then you win nothing and you lose your original stake too.

Does an own goal count as first goalscorer?

If the player that you have chosen to back in the game scores an own goal, this sadly does not count.

Also, and this probably should not need to be said, but if your player leaves the field (substituted for example) before he or she scores then obviously the bet is forfeited.

In an ideal world, your own goals would be allowed. Maybe. But since these are pretty rare then anyone placing bets probably should not be crossing their fingers that this happens anyway, really.

Each-way first goalscorer bets can be very lucrative, and when on-form there are a few players that can sometimes be pretty much relied on to deliver – depending on the opposition.

Whichever way you decide to play, good luck to you.

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