Enter the FanTeam Euro 2020 Predictor Game with Guaranteed prizepool of £4,300

Euro 2020 Predictor Game

Updated: 15th June 2024

Euro 2020 Predictor Game

About the Euro 2020 Predictor Game

Pick the correct outcome of every match of the Euro 2020.

Enter your Group Stage and Bonus Questions predictions by the deadline (Euro 2020 start time). Once the Group Stage is over, come back to add your Playoffs predictions.

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  1. You will accumulate points for each correct prediction.
  2. You will earn points both for Group stage predictions and Playoffs predictions.
  3. The first deadline is when the Group stage begins (Jun 11th). You can make any changes to your predictions as long as the deadline has not passed.
  4. The second deadline is when the Playoffs begin (June 26th). Based on the results from the Group stage, you can then predict what happens in the Playoffs. Again, you can freely change your predictions for the Playoffs as long as the second deadline has not been passed.
  5. In case of a tie, the winner will be the user that predicted the champion correctly. If they both picked the same, then the number of finalists, quarterfinalists and Ro16 teams will be used as tie breakers in that order.
  6. If a match is not played/canceled for any reason, then it will not score any points. In case of this being in the Playoffs, the advancing team will earn the points for qualifying to the next Round.


Group stage:

1 point for correct match outcome (home, draw, away)
1 point for correct team score (each team – max 2 points for both)
2 points for correct table position for each team after the Group Stage has finished


4 points for each team in the quarter final
7 points for each team in the semi-final
10 points for each team in the final
15 points for selecting the correct champion

Bonus questions:

18 points in total (five questions, 2-7 points each)


This tournament has a guaranteed prizepool of €5000, and will reward the top 15% of the entrants.

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