Revealed – the longest away unbeaten records for every team in the Premier League

longest away unbeaten records for every team in the Premier League

Updated: 20th June 2024

While Liverpool were drawing focus for their unbeaten run at home, Man United have gradually built up a record-equalling personal best on the road, going 17 games without a Premier League loss away from Old Trafford.

If they draw or win against Arsenal at the Emirates this Saturday, they will surpass a PB that has stood since the end of the last millennium, taking their total to 18 games.

But how does that compared to the rest of the Premier League? Even if they do avoid defeat at the Emirates, they would still need to extend that run for a few more fixtures before they can claim a podium finish.

So, what are the longest unbeaten runs away from home for every team in the Premier League? Take a look below!

  1. Arsenal – 27 games (5th April 2003 to 25th September 2004)

The top spot is claimed, easily, by Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles, who went unbeaten away from home for 27 games from the end of 2002/03, all the way through their historic 2003/04 season, to the early stages of 2004/05.

The run started with a 1-1 draw at Villa Park, and came to an end with a 2-0 loss at Old Trafford, a defeat that brought to a close the entire Invincibles enterprise.

  1. Liverpool – 21 games (12th January 2019 to 15th February 2020)

Not only did Liverpool’s 2-1 loss to Man City on January 3rd 2019 essentially cost them the league, it prevented the Reds from racking up a record-breaking unbeaten run away from home. If they hadn’t tripped up at the Etihad, they would be atop this list with a 32-game streak.

Instead, they have to settle for 2nd, going 21 games without tasting defeat on the road. Bookended by 1-0 wins at Brighton and Norwich, it came crashing to a halt with that shock 3-0 slump at Watford on 29th February 2020.

  1. Chelsea – 20 games (23rd December 2007 to 28th December 2008)

The Blues’ best-ever away run lasted just over a year – but didn’t come during one of their title wins. They went unbeaten away from Stamford Bridge for 20 games from 23rd December 2007 to 28th December 2008, before losing 3-0 at Old Trafford on 11th January 2009.

Prior to that, Chelsea had managed a 19-game unbeaten streak between 30th October 2004 and 23rd October 2005, only for that run to also be ended at Old Trafford.

  1. Man United – 17 games (5th December 1998 to 11th September 1999/17th February 2020 to Present)

Man United will take their unbeaten run on the road to 18 games with a result at Arsenal.

As it stands, however, this current streak is equal to the one managed between 5th December 1998 and 11th September 1999, a run that was brutally ended by a 5-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

  1. Man City – 14 games (15th April 2017 to 31st December 2017/3rd February 2018 to 4th December 2018)

Twice have Manchester City managed to go unbeaten for 14 games away from home in the Premier League.

The first came between 15th April and 31st December 2017, halted by a 4-3 loss at Anfield. Just over a month later they began another streak, this time running from 3rd February to 4th December 2018, and ending with a 2-0 defeat a Stamford Bridge.

  1. Leicester – 12 games (11th April 2015 to 19th December 2015)

The first of 3 teams with a personal best of 12 games, Leicester actually have the same record as Aston Villa in 7th – 8 wins, 4 draws and a goal difference of +13.

What places their run – which takes in the first half of their legendary 2015/16 title-winning season – above Villa is the fact they scored 25 goals to the Midlands club’s 21.

  1. Aston Villa – 12 games (8th March 1998 to 28th November 1998)

The highest ranked team never to win a Premier League title, Aston Villa’s record streak away from home was over 2 decades ago, from 8th March to 28th November 1998.

It began with a 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge, and ended, fittingly, with a return to West London, Villa losing 2-1 to Chelsea on 9th December.

  1. Tottenham – 12 games (22nd August 2015 to 14th February 2016)

Despite also sitting on 12 games, Spurs are ranked behind Leicester and Aston Villa as they managed an inferior 7 wins and 5 draws during their club best streak.

Taking place during 2015/16, the run began with a 1-1 draw at eventual champs Leicester and closed with a 2-1 victory over City, before they suffered  a 1-0 loss at West Ham a fortnight later.

  1. Leeds – 9 games (13th January 2001 to 21st April 2001)

Cracking the top 10 with a 9-game unbeaten streak away from Elland Road are Leeds. It was a very strong run back in 2001, with 8 wins and 1 draw, before a 2-1 loss a Highbury.

  1. Sheffield United – 9 games (10th August 2019 to 21st December 2019)

One of the more recent records on this list, Sheffield United’s remarkable return to the top flight in 2019/20 opened with a 9-game unbeaten run away from Bramall Lane. Chris Wilder’s road warriors rank behind Leeds, however, as they picked up 6 wins and 3 draws.

  1. Everton – 8 games (25th September 2010 to 28th December 2010/7th November 2015 to 1st March 2016)

What puts Everton above Brighton is the fact they’ve achieved an 8-game unbeaten streak away from Goodison Park not once, but twice. At the time of writing they are 5 away games without a loss in the league, so a new record could be incoming.

  1. Brighton – 8 games (1st February 2020 to 20th September 2020)

Between the end of 2019/20 and the start of 2020/21, the Seagulls managed to go 8 games unbeaten away from home. What makes that all the more surprising is that their all-time record at Falmer Stadium without defeat is only 6 games!

  1. Wolves – 7 games (22nd September 2019 to 21st December 2019)

In another over-achieving season for Wolves, 2019/20 not only saw the club finish in 7th once again, but pick up a 7-game unbeaten streak away from Molineux, including a 2-0 win over then-defending champions Man City.

  1. Southampton – 7 games (26th September 2020 to 26th December 2020)

After Man United, this is the freshest record in the league, coming to a close with a 2-0 loss at Leicester on 16th January 2021. On the same 4 draws and 3 wins as Wolves, an inferior goal difference of +3 leaves them behind Nuno Espirito Santos and co.

  1. West Ham – 7 games (1st November 2008 to 31st January 2009)

Like Wolves and Southampton, West Ham’s club record away from home also sits at 7 games. Unlike Wolves and Southampton, the Hammers managed 5 draws and 2 wins during that period.

  1. Newcastle – 7 games (29th November 2003 to 29th February 2004)

The final team to go 7 games unbeaten away from home, Newcastle did it in the dullest way possible, producing 7 consecutive draws on the road.

  1. Fulham – 6 games (27th March 2004 to 14th August 2004)

The Cottagers’ humble 6-game unbeaten run came in 2004, from their 0-0 stalemate at Man City to a 1-1 draw at the same ground. Their next away fixture was then a 4-3 loss at Portsmouth on 30th August 2004.

  1. Crystal Palace – 5 games (28th December 2014 to 28th February 2015/28th November 2017 to 2nd January 2018/17th March 2018 to 11th August 2018)

From the joint-worst unbeaten run at home to the 3rd worst unbeaten streak on the road, Crystal Palace have only ever manged to go 5 games without a loss away from Selhurst Park. They did achieve that feat on 3 separate occasions, however.

  1. Burnley – 4 games (12th August 2017 to 1st October 2017/10th March 2018 to 22nd April 2018/2nd January 2019 to 9th February 2019/29th June 2020 to 18th July 2020)

The Clarets only avoid the bottom spot become they have strung together a measly 4-game run away from home 4 times between 2017 and 2020.

  1. West Brom – 4 games (28th February 2011 to 23rd April 2011/24th August 2013 to 19th October 2013/1st January 2015 to 21st February 2015)

Like Burnley, the Baggies have only ever managed 4 consecutive games without a loss away from the Hawthorns. They sit in last place due to the fact they’ve only done that thrice, once less than the Clarets.

For comparison, below are the unbeaten home records for every team in the Premier League:

Unbeaten Home records for every team in the Premier League

  1. Chelsea – 86 games
  2. Liverpool – 68 games
  3. Man City – 37 games
  4. Man United – 36 games
  5. Arsenal – 32 games
  6. Newcastle – 26 games
  7. Leicester – 20 games
  8. Tottenham – 19 games
  9. Everton – 17 games
  10. Leeds – 16 games
  11. West Ham – 15 games
  12. Aston Villa – 15 games
  13. Southampton – 13 games
  14. Wolves – 10 games
  15. Fulham – 9 games
  16. Sheffield United – 8 games
  17. West Brom – 7 games
  18. Burnley 7 games
  19. Brighton – 6 games
  20. Crystal Palace – 6 games

Source: Spreadex

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