Some big bets v Lots of small bets

Some big bets v Lots of small bets 1

Updated: 13th July 2024

Hello all. I've done betting for a while but I've never done the extensive stuff I see on this sub. But I'm in a dilemma.

This past week I've been very successful, mostly because my current strategy is to do lots of small (less than £5) bets on a number of matches. But, with the small returns, I'm wondering if it's more economical to bet big. To illustrate, here's my winnings from the past week. Apologies for it not being in the proper format, I don't understand the maths so I use my own simplified method. As you can see, it is essentially playing with pocket money and so not a serious endeavour. But, if the bets I have placed come through, then it means I have made £18 this week, which I'm quite proud of.

But it requires a lot of time and a lot of succesful bets to make money. Is it worth, say, upping all the stakes to £5 or £10 a bet to increase revenue? I'm worried that losing a £5 or £10 bet will damage my run and balance more than losing a £2.50 bet will.


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