Potential £200 million Neymar move to PSG creating ripples in European circuit

£200 million Neymar move to PSG

Updated: 9th April 2024

£200 million Neymar move to PSGRipples have fanned across the transfer deals world with Neymar's rumoured move to Paris St Germain for a reported record-shattering £196 million.

Laurent Blanc has gone on record to say that PSG would be alleviated to the halls of European greats if the Brazilian were to arrive at Parc des Princes, although he didn't sound confident when asked whether it would bring UEFA Champions League glory. But there is conflicting news floating around for the moment.

Gerard Pique has strongly stated that Neymar will be there to stay at Nou Camp even as the 25-year old forward has told his Barcelona team-mates that he doesn't want to be around at the Catalan club. Cristiano Ronaldo of arch-rivals Real Madrid has even advised him to stay put at Barcelona, but in case he wants he leave, he could opt for Manchester United instead of PSG, where he feels Neymar's career could take a backward step. This is something we are sure the Brazilian won't want with the World Cup only a year away.

As it turns out, fellow forwards at Nou Camp, Suarez and Messi have somehow managed to convince the Brazilian superstar to stay on. Arsene Wenger is of the opinion that PSG are gunning for Neymar as they weren't able to rope in Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez.

But PSG's offer of £500,000 a week for a six-year deal for Neyamr and with the star's agent and father pocketing £36 million, it could be really hard for the family to reject such an offer.

Juventus star forward, Paulo Dybala, is rumoured to fill in the Brazilian's slot if he were to leave Barcelona, but team-mate Giorgio Chiellini admits that the Argentine is nowhere close to Neymar in value.

Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho is another who is rumoured to be in the Barca radar, but Jurgen Klopp has snuffed out the possibility of such a development. Klopp has turned down a £72 million pound offer from Barcelona. Meanwhile PSG central mid-fielder Marco Verratti has been keen to make a move to Barcelona. The Italian international has already spent 5 years in Paris and is desperately looking for a change.

With the Catalans bracing for a Neymar move-out, they have Monaco's Kyle Mbappe in their sights and seem to be interested in even forking out the £120 million price tag attached to the sensational 18-year French forward if the PSG deal for the Brazilian goes through.

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