What is a Halftime Full-Time Bet? + Top Betting Tips

Halftime Full-Time Bet Explained

Updated: 15th July 2024

A halftime full-time bet is an accumulator bet in which you bet on which team will be ahead at halftime and which team will be ahead at full-time. It is a popular bet that is mostly made on football matches.

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In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about halftime full-time bets as well as commonly ask questions about the bets.

Which Types of Halftime Full-Time Bets Can You Place?

There are 9 possible combinations of halftime full-time bets. These include:

  • Home/Home
  • Home/Draw
  • Home/Away
  • Draw/Home
  • Draw/Away
  • Draw/Draw
  • Away/Away
  • Away/Home
  • Away/Draw

In the instances above, away stands for the away team and home stands for the home team. The first listed team would be the team winning at halftime and the second listed team would be the team winning at the end of the match.

How Do You Win a Halftime Full-Time Bet?

You win a halftime full-time bet by correctly guessing which team is ahead at halftime and which team is ahead at full-time. It’s important to note that if a team only scores goals in the first half and goes on to win the game without scoring in the second you still would win the bet.

For example, let’s Manchester United is playing Chelsea at Old Trafford and you think that Manchester United will be winning at half and full-time. You would place a home/home bet. If United is up 2-0 at the half and then goes on to win 2-1 you would still win the bet.

Is a Halftime Full-Time Bet the Same as Win Both Halves?

A win both halves bet is a little different than a halftime full-time bet. In a win, both halves bet you are only able to pick one team to win and they must score more goals than the other team in both halves.

Essentially, you are betting on two separate 45-minute games. Let’s take the example that we used above where Manchester United scored 2 goals up in the first half and none in the second half, while Chelsea scored no goals in the first half and 1 goal in the second half.

In this instance, if you placed both halves bet on Manchester United, you would lose the bet. You should always check the odds on both types of bet as one may be more advantageous than the other.

What Does Halftime Full-Time Correct Score Mean?

A halftime full-time correct score bet means that you have to guess select which team will be winning at both halves as well as the score for each half. These are much harder to win, but the payout is large if you do manage to guess correctly.

Do Bets Make at Halftime Count as In-Play?

Since you need to guess the correct team that is winning at halftime and full-time in order to win the bet, you are not able to place a half-time full-time bet at half-time.

However, you can make a half-time full-time bet at any point during the first half. This can be an effective strategy if you notice a change in momentum during the first half of the match.

Does Injury Time Count in a Halftime Full-Time Bet?

A halftime full-time bet ends after 90 minutes. This means that any goals scored during injury time do not count in the bet.

Let’s say you bet draw/home with Liverpool playing Arsenal at Anfield. The score is 0-0 at the half and then Liverpool scores in the 89th minute to go ahead. If Arsenal scored in the 93rd minute to tie the game, you would still win the bet.

What if the Match Goes into Extra-Time or a Penalty Shoot-Out?

In matches where there must be a winner extra-time and penalty shoot-outs do not count towards the halftime full-time bet. Therefore, as long as you have the correct team is chosen at the half and full-time you would win the bet regardless of the outcome.

What Should I Consider When Making a Halftime Full-Time Bet?

There are a couple of things to consider when making a half-time full-time bet.

  1. Statistically speaking most goals are scored in the second half of football matches.
  2. Therefore, unless a specific team’s trend indicates differently, selecting a draw in the first half is never a bad option.
  3. You should also take certain teams’ strengths into consideration.
  4. For example, Manchester United is known for its late heroics. Therefore, you may consider placing a bet for them losing at halftime and winning at full-time if they aren’t heavily favored.

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