Where Can I Bet On Premier League Games?

Where Can I Bet On Premier League Games?

Football betting is almost synonymous with Premier League betting. A widely popular football league all over the world, it’s safe to say that the Premier League is the most thrilling to watch as well. The biggest teams in England are regularly among the best in Europe, so it’s no wonder why the whole continent loves betting on the Premier League. But if you are asking yourself where can I bet on Premier League games? then check out our best bookmakers listed below.

Top Premier League Betting Sites

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With 20 teams fighting for the title, there are a total of 38 rounds to bet on. And, that’s before you even go to the other markets. Each online bookie offers hundreds of markets on all matches in the Premier League while also offering odds on the biggest title favourite, top scorer, etc.

What makes Betting on the Premier League so Exciting?

Even before August when the season usually starts, bookies already offer odds on the biggest favourites for the Premier League trophy. The race to the trophy in the top-tier English football competition is usually spearheaded by 6 teams. However, there are many more that can complicate matters for the favourites, which makes the PL even more exciting.

How the Premier League Works

The Premier League was established in 1992 – it was previously known as English First Division. It is the top English professional football league and currently features 20 teams. The last three teams on the table (relegation zone) are relegated to a lower-tier called the Championship. Their places are taken by the two top teams in the Championship and the winner of the play-offs in the second-tier English football league.

There are 38 games each season in the English Premier League. Unless there’s some kind of delay, the season lasts from August to May. Just like in any other league, the team with the most points at the end of the season wins the title and is automatically qualified for the Champions League. The 2nd and 3rd placed teams follow the champion to the CL, while the fourth goes into the Champions League qualification rounds.

Below that, the spots are reserved for the Europa League and its play-offs. Unlike in the Spanish Primera, the English Premier League has 5 or 6 teams fighting for the trophy for the most of the season. With 6 teams in the running, there are plenty of derbies to enjoy and plenty of opportunities to get in on the action.

Where Can I Bet on the English Premier League?

Betting on the PL is a favourite pastime for thousands of UK punters. There are plenty of matches and an even bigger number of markets to bet on paired with hundreds of individual and team bets. Every UK bookie has the Premier League front and centre in its offer which shouldn’t be such a surprise considering how popular the EPL is.

It’s not just outright favourites you can bet on – online bookies such as Bet365, Betfair, Coral, GiveMeBet, vBet, and fansbet offer hundreds of markets with enticing odds. The most popular markets are match betting, handicaps, outright favourite, and the O/U (Over/Under) markets.

Title Odds

All UK bookies offer odds on the biggest favourites for the Premier League title. This is probably the biggest magnet for UK punters, especially after Leicester City won the title a few seasons back at odds of 5,000/1. Since then, bookies have vowed not to let odds for another favourite that high up, so you probably can’t find one that offers such odds for a weaker team.

With that being said, there are still great odds on teams from the middle of the table which are worth a punt. The top favourite is less likely to have great odds, but look beneath it and you’ll find value odds that can fill your pocket nicely.

For this season, Manchester City is the major favourite at the biggest UK online bookies. Liverpool is second, while Manchester United and Tottenham trail behind. Chelsea and Arsenal complete the first part of favourites with the biggest chances of lifting the PL title in May.

Below that, you’ll find some great odds for teams that are less likely to win it all. However, keep in mind that the Premier League is highly unpredictable – Leicester City’s 15-16 title is proof enough of that. If you’re lucky to have your pick surprise the football world, you can win a lot of money.

Match Betting

Match betting is the second-most popular betting market in the UK. You can choose between home or away win or the match ending in a draw. This popular bet is only eligible for 90 minutes. Of course, there are many markets where you can bet on the result for each halftime or guess the correct score (half-time and full-time).

Thanks to the quality of teams in the Premier League, match betting in the PL is a thriving market. There are dozens of options at your disposal and great odds so make sure to choose wisely.


The PL Over/Under market allows you to bet on a specific number of goals in a match. As the name suggests, you can also bet on goals to be scored over or under the “line” offered by the bookie. It’s an interesting market for punters since it often features great odds. Of course, it pays to know the statistics behind the teams you’re betting on as they can give you more information on the number of goals expected.

Asian Handicap

Widely popular in Asia, handicaps give you a chance to bet on a team to win a game while carrying a goal handicap. For example, betting on a team with a handicap of -1 means that you win your bet if it wins with at least two goals.

If you bet on a team with a +2 handicap, it shouldn’t lose by 3+ goals. In short, Asian handicaps give you a chance to raise one team’s odds of winning and give you a better payout. Once you learn the basics and master the handicap, you’ll never look at match betting or title bets at all.
Those were examples on full handicap lines.

The market also offers betting on half (e.g. +1.50) and quarter lines (e.g. +1.25) which are a bit more complicated, but even more fun.

Top 4 and Relegation Odds

As they dictate which team plays in the Champions League the following season, the Premier League places on the table are of major significance. Many bookies such as Bet365 offer Top 4 betting where you get the chance to pick a team you think is going to end in the top 4. This huge betting market is even more exciting thanks to special bets such as the Exacta where you pick the 4 teams to finish on the first 4 places in May. Similarly, you can also find bookies which offer Top 2, Top 6, Top 10 odds, etc.

If you believe that you can correctly predict the teams that are to be relegated, you can also do that. Most UK online bookies offer odds on the teams most likely to be relegated at great odds. If you follow the PL closely, you can surely predict at least one team that’s getting the axe.

Top Goalscorer

Top goalscorer is the most popular individual EPL bet. It’s a pretty big market for fans of PL teams where you get to pick the player that ends up with most goals. Taking a look back at the past 10 or 20 seasons can help you find the pick since most of the top goalscorers have played for big clubs. It’s not a rule, of course, but it’s something worth paying attention to.

How to Bet on the Premier League and Win?

There’s no general guideline that will surely bring you profit in Premier League betting. With that being said, it surely pays off to monitor the table and watch the matches as often as possible. Before you bet on any Premier League market, do your research and shop for odds. Each bookie has its own odds and it surely helps to identify the best ones.

Specializing in certain markets is a great way to make a profit. For example, if you’re into handicaps, you’ll easily get the hang off each team’s chances to win a match, even with a handicap applied. Finally, have accounts at multiple bookmakers just in case and keep records of your previous bets. Follow these tips and you should make a profit, but make sure you don’t break the bank as well.

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