Who Is Most Likely to Win the Premier League 2019-2020?

Premier League Restart set for June 17

Updated: 14th June 2024

There’s no doubt that the Premier League is the most popular football league in the world. There are many reasons for it. Apart from all the big-money moves and stars playing in the league, the exciting matches and fight for the title are the biggest factors which make the PL a global phenomenon.

Each year, at least six clubs are fighting for the title. Almost by default, it’s City and United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool. With many dead races to the top in the past, we’ve been witnesses to stunning matches with plenty of goals and attractive moves. The Premier League never disappoints and it’s no different this year.

Last season saw Manchester City snatch the title from under Liverpool’s nose in the last few matches. Klopp’s side led the table for a long time before a series of bad results. This was due to Champions League focus which saw Liverpool essentially abandon the PL trophy. Fans were rightfully disappointed, but that blow was lessened by the Champions League triumph. This year, however, Kop fans want the first PL title in almost 20 years.

The challenge won’t be easy. Manchester City stands in the way of Liverpool’s 19th title. If you’re a Premier League fan, you know that that challenge is as big as it gets. In order to overcome the Guardiola-shaped obstacle, Liverpool will need to be in its best form.

The good news is that things are going well so far, but something tells us that we haven’t seen the best from Manchester City yet.

Not to undermine other team’s chances, Liverpool’s bid for a new title will also be threatened by the other big clubs. Tricky sides such as Liverpool, Wolves, and former champion Leicester City could also cause problems and give other sides an advantage in the race for the PL trophy.

Who’s in the Hunt to win the Premier League?

As mentioned, a total of 6 clubs fight every year for the PL title. The strongest among them (at least for the time being) are Liverpool and Manchester City.

Manchester City

City has won 4 titles from season 11-12 onwards including the past two seasons. The club can win its third title in a row this year. A feat previously achieved by its fiercest rival Manchester United. Led by Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils won the PL trophy in three consecutive years in 1999, 2000, and 2001.

City will surely like to break their title and will present the top challenge for Liverpool’s team.

With a stellar squad that features bright young stars and established players led by one of the best managers ever, City will surely be a thorn in Jurgen Klopp’s side. Not surprisingly, bookies have City as the top favourite as well, with Liverpool trailing close behind.


However, many PL fans don’t agree with the opinion of bookies. They believe that it’s high time for a new Liverpool title and they’re right.

The only problem is that expectations don’t always turn to reality. It’s not that Liverpool lacks firepower. Klopp has done a great job with the team, evenly improving all positions. With Virgil van Dijk and Alisson in the back and the unbelievable trio of Salah, Mane, and Firmino up front, the team can fight for the PL title and try to defeat the CL title as well.

Last year, Liverpool focused too heavily on the Champions League and it paid off at the expense of a domestic title. This year, the team’s improved focus and promise to fight on both fronts brings renewed hope for Kop fans. Klopp is already in the history books, but if he brings a title to Anfield, he’ll forever cement himself as one of the Kop greats.


Tottenham is expected to be the team that turns up the heat for both City and Liverpool. Mauricio Pochettino learned from his previous mistakes and brought in a few signings this summer which are already paying out. Tanguy Ndombele is a brilliant player who will reinforce Tottenham’s midfield and hopefully propel the North London outfit to the top.

Hoping for a title run is probably too much – sorry, Spurs fans. However other teams are better equipped to fight for the trophy. Still, Harry Kane and the bunch can cause upsets and may ultimately decide the winner if it defeats the two top favourite home or away. Bookies have placed the Spurs 4th favourites after Manchester United, which, to be honest, is wrong.

Manchester United

After taking the wheel at Manchester United, Solskjaer breathed new life in the stagnant Red Devils. It lasted for only a short time, though. Manchester United is still having trouble winning and obviously lacks firepower up front with the departure of Lukaku and Sanchez. Solskjaer announced his intention to sign a new striker in January, but it may already be too late.

The truth is that Manchester United has an unbalanced squad that lacks determination and even will to win. If the Red Devils want to fight for the title, radical changes are needed. Tottenham is in a much better position if you ask us, so we think that bookies giving the nod to United instead of the Spurs is a mistake.

Arsenal and Chelsea

The last two teams that can mess up City’s or Liverpool’s chances are Arsenal and Chelsea. Both teams have a lot of problems to be top PL favourites, though. Arsenal’s expected renaissance under Unai Emery isn’t exactly going to plan. Chelsea lost Hazard to Real Madrid and has been slapped with a transfer ban that prevents the London outfit from buying new players. The appointment of Frank Lampard was a great move and he’s doing well with the young team currently at his disposal.

When it comes to PL title chances, though, we expect neither to challenge the top duo. But make no mistake – on a good day, both Arsenal and Chelsea can defeat Klopp’s and Guardiola’s sides. Even though not in a position to race for the trophy, they are still good teams that can take down any side. Both City and Liverpool should be wary of the challenge these teams represent. Liverpool will face Chelsea and Arsenal in the final six fixtures of the season and knowing how tricky they are, they could ruin the Anfield outfit’s chances.

With the season already underway, we’ve already seen exciting derbies and matches. There’s still a long way to go, but a good start can really help any team on the road to a title. Both Liverpool and City are doing great so far, but the season is long. They’ll have to be on their best if they want to win the title and that means plenty of great matches and excitement. For the average fan, that’s as good as it gets.

Can a Surprising Favourite Emerge?

Remember how Leicester City won’t the title a few seasons back? That was a one-time thing according to experts and we share their opinion. After winning the PL on odds of 5000/1, UK online bookies have vowed to never give such chances to anyone.

The team with longest bookmaker odds for this season’s Premier League betting title is Sheffield United at 2,500/1. Norwich and Burnley are available at 2,000/1, but neither of these teams is expected to mount a serious title challenge.

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