Who is predicted to win the Premier League?

Who is predicted to win the Premier League?

Updated: 15th June 2024

It’s been another exciting season for Premier League teams, and now that the race is tighter than ever between the top four contenders, anything could happen. So who is predicted to win the Premier League?

Will Liverpool, the current title holders, bounce back from fourth place and win again, will Manchester City make their job more difficult, or will we see a surprise from Leicester, who have been in fantastic shape all season?

Right now, Manchester United is the leader, with 37 points, but Liverpool isn’t that far behind, with 34. One single victory is enough for Jürgen Klopp’s boys to get back in the game, so things could go either way.

Premier League Winner Odds 2020/21

Manchester City1/2
Manchester Utd6/1
Aston Villa150/1
West Ham150/1
Crystal Palace2500/1
Sheffield Utd4500/1
West Brom4500/1
EPL Winner odds are subject to change and were correct as of 21/01/2021.

Manchester City has the strongest odds on Bet365.

Please note the Bet365 odds are subject to change and were correct as of 21/01/2021. 

According to betting platform Bet365, Manchester City currently has the best odds for snatching the Premier League cup in May and is priced at 1/2. Over the past four or five matches, City has been in consistently good shape and posed a threat for every opponent.

They have grit, determination, and a stellar defensive record. In spite of the slow start, their confidence levels are high, and if they manage to maintain the shape they’re in, they could be this year’s leaders. However, the following match is critical for their odds because peaks like that of Man City are usually followed by a defeat.

There’s no denying that Pep Guardiola has what it takes to drive the team to victory, but there are still many “ifs” in the equation.

The future of veterans Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho is still unclear but, with Pep Guardiola announcing no new signings in the January transfer season, things are looking relatively stable for Man City. Some fans argued that the team doesn’t have an elite centre forward and even Guardiola admitted the position was problematic at times but, otherwise, the overall quality of the squad should compensate for that.

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer bringing back the Old Trafford magic?

Manchester United are currently leaders in the Premier League and even though they started as outsiders, Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer managed to bring back the Old Trafford magic. However, it remains to be seen if getting on the top spot was a happy accident, or Man United has what it takes to bring home the trophy.

The last match against Liverpool was a test for them, since Liverpool remains one of the championship’s power horses, and unfortunately, they failed it and left Anfield with one point from a goalless draw.

Klopp asks top players to improve their performance.

Liverpool are 9/2 to keep their title this year on Bet365.

Bet365 odds are subject to change and were correct as of 21/01/2021. 

Although their performance has been relatively steady, with seven wins and two draws in home matches, they haven’t quite managed to maintain this performance while away, where they only won two out of nine matches. What’s more, Man City hasn’t managed to score in the past three matches and, after the 0-0 with Manchester United, manager Jürgen Klopp said that his top players would have to work on some areas.

Although Thiago is getting in better shape, there are still some absences that have a psychological impact on the team. Virgil van Dijk has been seen training in Dubai after suffering a shocking cruciate ligament rupture in October, but he still won’t be able to get back on the pitch earlier than 2022. Joe Gomez is also unlikely to come back, so it might be harder for Liverpool to get and defend the top spot.

For many punters, Liverpool is still favourite. Although their last three performances didn’t live up to the standards that we were used to, the team has quality and energy, and, of course, they have Klopp. Even last year, the team had their ups and downs, but Klopp managed to motivate them every time and get their head back in the game. Could the same magic repeat this year? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tottenham still an underdog, and Chelsea too inconsistent.

When Jose Mourinho was appointed at Tottenham in 2019, the Spurs’ hopes for winning the Premier League after 12 years were reignited. And, without a doubt, Mourinho has accomplished some great things and got fans to ride on a wave of optimism.

But will 2021 be the year that the Spurs finally take on Man City and Liverpool? It’s not impossible, tippers say, but Tottenham is still the underdog, and it’s unlikely they’ll exceed their current level by May.

Right now, there are just too many uncertainties surrounding the team. The level of the attackers has risen consistently over the last matches, but the overall quality of the team still isn’t enough to pose a serious threat to Liverpool and Manchester City.

Chelsea is in a similar situation. At the beginning of the season, they had some of the highest odds to win the Premier League, and they made some incredible transfers. But, in spite of Frank Lampard’s good leadership, Chelsea isn’t strong or consistent enough to pose a serious threat to either City or Liverpool.

Premier League Top 4 odds at Bet365

Here’s how the odds look like for the top 4 teams in Premier League, according to Bet365:

  1. Manchester City: 1/2
  2. Liverpool: 9/2
  3. Manchester United: 6/1
  4. Tottenham Hotspur: 28/1

Please note that the Bet365 odds are subject to change and were correct as of 21/01/2021. 

The race for the Premier League hasn’t been so tight in years. The difference between teams is so small that one single weekend can change things completely. For example, three or four weeks ago, Chelsea was still in the books for the top spot, but now they fell to the 7th place, with only 29 points.

Overall, Manchester City and Liverpool currently have the best squads, but it’s psychology that will make the difference. If Man City continue to have the same determination and won’t give in to pressure, they’ll consolidate their winning odds and bring home the trophy after nine years.

At the same time, Liverpool have managed to overcome tougher periods than this and one victory is enough to break their bad luck.

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