Cheltenham Festival Tournament – £25,000 Prize Pool

Cheltenham Festival Tournament with prizes worth up to £25,000

Pit your tipping skills and put them to the test to win big prizes with the Cheltenham Festival Tournament at Mr Play Sport with a £25,000 Prize Pool!

Key Conditions:

Opt-in required through the Battle lobby on the tournament.
The tournament will run from 07:00 GMT 16 March 2021 to 17:30 GMT 19 March 2021.
Registration for the tournament is open from 14 March 2021.

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Cheltenham Festival Tournament Criteria:

Sport: Horse Racing
League: Cheltenham
Market Type: Pre-race
Bet Types: Singles & Combos
Minimum Odds per bet: 3/10
Minimum Stake per bet: £4.50 per line
For each-way bet, both the win part and the each-way would require a stake contribution of £4.50 each as both contribute individually towards calculations of units for the leaderboard.
Minimum number of bets: 10
Tournament Timeout: -25 units.

This offer is for depositing customers only and is available once per household/IP address.

Each medal achievement is rewarded with a £25 Free Bet.

If multiple medal achievements, free bet value accumulates and paid out in 1 free bet token.

The offer only applies to players who are residents of United Kingdom & Ireland.

Bets placed before the tournament start time do not contribute towards the leaderboard.

Bets placed on Cheltenham Festival specials do not contribute towards the leaderboard.

Opting in to one Cheltenham Festival tournament will automatically opt you into the other Cheltenham Festival tournament.


Opt-in required.
Opting into one Cheltenham Festival tournament will automatically opt you into the other Cheltenham Festival tournament.
Eligibility to join the Welcome tournament with a prize is dependent on an entrant upholding the general Terms of Service.


Prizes are awarded based on valid leaderboard positions.

1st Place – £3000 Cash
2nd Place – £2500 Cash
3rd Place – £1500 Cash
4th Place – £1000 Cash
5th Place – £500 Cash
6th to 10th Place – £300 Cash each.
Medal achievement – £100 Free Bet per medal achievement.


Prizes are awarded based on valid leaderboard positions.

1st Place – £500 Cash
2nd Place – £300 Cash
3rd Place – £200 Cash
4th and 5th Place – £100 Cash each
6th to 10th Place – £75 Cash each
11th to 25th Place – £50 Cash each
26th to 50th Place – £25 Free Bet each
51st to 100th Place – £10 Free Bet each
Medal achievement – £50 Free Bet per medal achievement.


1 – Tournaments are free to join.
2 – Players must exceed the specified tournament minimum bet amount limit as specified above in order to be eligible to win a reward.
3 – Real money stakes placed in Sport vertical is required in order to generate unit values to calculate leaderboard positions and medal holders in accordance with the tournament requirements listed above.
4 – Players that have not met the tournament minimum bet amount will not be allocated a valid leaderboard position/value or any medal from that tournament.
5 – Unless otherwise specified, all prizes based on parameters such as leaderboard values or medals, will be calculated based on values generated upon tournament completion, no recalculation of values will be done after this point.


6 – Only bets settled between tournament start and finish time as specified above will be valid for calculation of tournament leaderboard and medal values.
7 – If a bet is placed during the tournament, but settled after the tournament finish date as specified above, that bet will not count towards tournament value calculations.
8 – Players that reach the Tournament Time Out limit will not be able to place further bets in that tournament.
9 – If you have open bets when you reach Tournament Time Out limit these bets will count towards unit calculation if they are settled during the tournament time.
10- Bet that are cancelled/voided/money back will not count towards minimum bet amount per tournament.
11- Only the first selection made on a betting market will count towards the leaderboard/tournament values. Repeated bet on the same market/selection will not count towards leaderboard/tournament value calculation.
12 – Unless otherwise is specified, only the first selection of bets in each market, both live and pre-match bets, counts towards the leaderboard/medal calculations. All other bets that are subsequently placed in the same market not count towards the leaderboard/medal calculations. You can see all bets contribution towards leaderboard/medals inside the tournament dashboard.
13 – Bets place with Free Bet Token will not contribute towards leaderboard calculations.
14- Prizes are allocated distributed based on, leaderboard position and medals held at time of tournament completion.

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