In play betting is one the most popular betting features offered by online bookmakers. Since the introduction of in play betting online, punters have flocked to bookies that offer the service – which is almost every online betting site today.

In Play Betting Guide

Betting on sports in play is now more common and useful for mobile and tablet users.

In play betting has become so popular that many professional gamblers have strategies created solely for it. Of course, live betting isn't just popular with professional sports bettors. Millions of casual punters around the world use it, too.

In play betting – sometimes called live betting or bet in play – allows punters to react to sports games while they are in progress. It gives you the chance to see just how a game is being played, or is unfolding, before you decide which team to put your money on to win.

Types of In Play Bets

Of course, you don't have to bet on the outright winning team. There are other types of bets you can make using in play betting.

For example, you may see the corner count in a football match is increasing rapidly, and you may be attracted to wager on it. Betting in play allows you to pick and choose the market you are interested in, but after seeing just how things are going early in the match.

When using the bet in play feature, punters can re-enforce their initial predictions or pre-game wager.

For example, you may wager on Manchester United to beat Liverpool before kickoff. But once the match starts, Manchester United's performance may influence you to wager more through in play betting.

It can also work in reverse. Perhaps Liverpool are dominating play, and you decide to wager on Liverpool to cancel out the pre-match wager you made.

Sports you can In Play bet on

Live betting works in a variety of sports. In fact most of the common sports punters wager on are available for in play bets via the major online bookmakers. Football is by far the most popular sport for the feature. However, the device is offered on other sports like American football, basketball, horse racing, cricket, tennis, rugby and more.

Take a look at the Sports offered for bet In play at Betfred to get an idea as to what you can wager on.

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Ice-hockey
  • Handball
  • Esports
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Badminton
  • Darts
  • Aussie-footy

Advantages of In Play betting?

Whether you are a stats number cruncher or someone who looks at a form table and fixture list to get all your information, in play sports betting has a lot of advantages. For the most part, it gives punters the chance to research just how a game is being played. No matter how well you crunch the numbers, stats don't always lead you to the right answer in sports betting.

Therefore, being able to assess the action before placing your bets is a huge benefit. Live betting gives you the opportunity to assess the action before making a move.

Some professional gamblers who use a bet in play strategy will watch an entire half of a football match or basketball game before laying down a wager. It is a great tool to have in your repertoire. You may decide live betting is a great way to make money, once you master it.

Bet In Play Football Advantages

Football is the world's most popular sport and each week thousands of matches are played around the world. Watch any football match in the United Kingdom and there is a good chance you will see a commercial for in play football betting. The betting feature is massively popular and thanks to punters being able to react to the games being played, in play betting is just as key as pre-match outright winner wagers.

In football, the in play feature offers a variety of great markets to wager on. Because football is fluid and always changing, and odds are always evolving during the game. In play football betting makes for some fantastic betting opportunities.

It isn't just the opportunity to win cash that makes in play football betting great. The entertainment value is through the roof, as you can watch a match and bet on markets as the game plays out.

For example, during a Champions League Final, you may make an in play bet on the player to score the next goal. Or you may wager on the next team to score or on the over/under of goals once you have seen 45 minutes play out. In play football betting is a great feature and a perfect tool to add to your betting strategy.

Bet In Play and Cash Out

If bet in play is the most popular feature in sports betting, then the cash out feature is the second most popular device. The cash out feature allows you to make a profit on a bet by taking an early payout before a game is finished. You could be in a winning position and decide to take a cash out, which guarantees you money regardless of how the match turns out. A cash out could also provide you with some of your original stake back if the bet you have made is on its way to losing.

Check which Matches are covered by Cash Out

Not all online sportsbooks allow punters to cash out bets. In addition, some websites only allow specific games from certain leagues to be cashed out. You may find that some online sportsbooks allow you to cash out on Premier League matches and not matches from Italy, Spain or Germany. It is important to read the fine print before signing up to a sports betting website, so you don't regret making a deposit.

For example, punters my select a four-team accumulator of Premier League teams.

Your picks of Liverpool, Manchester United, Watford and Burnley are all winning; but two of the sides look likely of conceding a late goal.

Your initial £100 stake has doubled to £200, if you cash out early. You can hold off for a £350 payout if all four teams win; but you aren't sure that will happen.

You click payout and get the £200 immediately in your online account. You have doubled your original stake.

Minutes later, you see Liverpool's creaky defence give up a goal. The game ends in a draw and you would have lost the bet had you not cashed out.

In another example, you have wagered on a three-team treble in the Championship.

You have wagered on Aston Villa, Fulham and Cardiff to win. However, 30 minutes into the match, Aston Villa is trailing 2-0, and the other two sides aren't faring very well.

Your initial bet is most likely not going to win and you can see the £100 stake is dwindling down to £50. By using the cash out feature, you can put this money back into your account. You can also keep yourself from losing the entire stake. You can now put this money towards another bet and make back the cash you have lost.

Which Bookmakers offer Cash Out

The cash out feature is relatively new to online sportsbooks. It debuted around 2015, and for the most part, is standard on most big-name online bookies today. Again, not all sportsbooks offer the cash out feature. Some that do offer it, don't allow punters to use it on all bets or sporting events. Sports betting websites like Bet365 do let customers use the cash out feature on multiple types of bets and sports leagues.

Disadvantages to In Play Cash Out

Bet in play cash out features are great ways to get some of your initial stake back, if you are in a losing position. It is also a great way to ensure you win some profits on a bet that could see a late goal or score change. There may be some disadvantages in the cash out feature, but it really depends on how the punter interprets them.

The cash out feature causes punters to react too quickly if something negative is occurring in a match.

For example, you have staked £100 on Liverpool to beat Manchester United. However, within 15 minutes, Romelu Lukaku has scored and Manchester United are up 1-0. The scoreline remains the same at halftime and you take a cash out of £60 from the initial stake. You decide to wager this elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Liverpool come out of the dressing room re-invigorated and score three goals in the second half to win 3-1. Rather than seeing the match out, you took the money too early. Of course, the problem with this thinking is the assumption that the losing team would make a comeback.

Cashing Out Too Early

Another side of reacting too quickly is when a punter cashes out too early on a match. Many times, a casual bettor will cash out when they see a profit, rather than letting it ride until the end. This is more likely to happen than if they are in a losing position. But then again, you have a profit and money in your pocket – or online account for that matter.

You should remember the sportsbook you are betting with will always make out better due to the cash out feature. Regardless if you are in a winning or losing position. The money you receive will always be less than if you won the bet.

Partial Cash Out

Some sportsbooks offer partial cash outs to punters. A partial cash out allows you to take some of your profit (cash out) while leaving the rest on the match until the end. You can secure a profit, but also win cash with the stake that is left to run. Depending on the online sportsbook, you should be able to take somewhere between 10 percent and 90 percent of the partial cash out.

The first sportsbook to offer the partial cash out was Bet365.

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The online sportsbook is one of the leaders in the industry. The bookmaker also offers in play betting and in play cash out. Other top sportsbooks that offer both features are 12bet, Coral, William Hill and Betfair.

Both the in play betting and cash out features are great tools for sports punters. Once you master them, you should be able to find new ways to make profits as a sports bettor.

In Play Betting Offers

These bookmakers and betting exchange not only provide a great in play service but also offer generous sign up betting bonuses like the STSBet sign up offer. All the online bookies listed are licensed by the UK gambling commission ensuring a safe and secure gambling enviroment.

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