LeoVegas Sport Review

We review the LeoVegas Sport betting site and see if it's any different – to the steady influx of new gambling sites appearing recently.

Leovegas Casino 20 Free SpinsLeoVegas sport is all about bonus offers and promotions. Those are two major reasons punters have flocked to the sports betting website.

The sportsbook is attempting to bring a new, young twist to sports betting, and change the outdated, stuffy way sportsbooks have run over the last few years.

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LeoVegas Sport has made one of its chief aims in-play betting. The sportsbook's promotions and bonuses, along with its in-play betting has given LeoVegas a unique appeal to fans. Whether new to sports betting or experienced punters, plenty of sports bettors are giving the website a try.

So, what makes LeoVegas Sports an intriguing sportsbook to wager with?

Let's take a look.

LeoVegas Sport: The new kid of the block

It is no secret that LeoVegas Sports is one of many new betting sites now available on the UK market.

The sportsbook spawned from the LeoVegas Casino, one of Europe's most popular. The website tries to give punters something different than the rest of its sportsbook competition. It succeeds in many ways.

LeoVegas SportLeoVegas Sports is backed by the Kambi Group in terms of software. Numerous sports betting websites have worked with the Kambi Group.

For those punters who have wagered with 888sport, Unibet and 32Red, LeoVegas will be very similar.

That doesn't mean LeoVegas is a carbon copy. As stated previously, LeoVegas tries to give punters something different when wagering on sports, and it truly succeeds.

LeoVegas Sport: What's the difference?

One of the cool differences that LeoVegas features is a notification setting that tells you when odds have changed.

By clicking on the odds notification, it prevents you from missing out on great odds updates.

The website has over 35 sports for you to wager on with football and horse racing being the most popular. LeoVegas has made in-play betting on football its main focus for attracting customers. It makes a lot of sense as live, in-play betting is an exciting feature that draws punters to wager.

Thanks to in-play betting, LeoVegas has created the LeoVegas Football Club. The football club is a promotion that allows punters to receive free bets and bonuses.

Unlike the big sportsbooks, LeoVegas has created something completely different to attract and keep customers. It is an innovative approach, and one it needs to grow into being a major player.

LeoVegas Sport: What is the LVFC?

The idea behind the LVFC is creative, and one I really like. To kick off the promotion back in August, at the start of the English football season, punters had to make 21 qualifying in-play bets during the month.

Not only would punters then qualify for the LVFC, but the website sent bettors a free football shirt of their choosing. Now in the LVFC, the rewards start to come in.

Punters who make five, £20 or more in-play bets, receive a free bet or a profit boost. There is also a premium club for punters who make 50 qualifying bets.

LeoVegas Sport: Problems

Okay, LeoVegas Sports has some great promotions and bonuses; and I love the in-play bet focus. But there are somethings I am not so sure about.

For one, LeoVegas is a website for serious sports punters. Or those that think they are serious.

The in-play betting carries a £20 minimum stake. In addition, there is a £10 minimum deposit with the website. Now, that is fine and plenty of punters won't see this as a problem. But for those casual bettors that like to put a few quid on a Premier League fixture, this isn't the website for you.

The other problem that sticks out to me, is the in-play betting is only available on mobile devices.

For some, this won't be a problem, but for others, it is a setback that will keep them from using LeoVegas for their sports betting needs.

LeoVegas Sport: Watch out world!

Now that we have identified two problems with LeoVegas, it is time to admit there really aren't any other noticeable flaws with the website.

Just over a year old, LeoVegas could be the new ‘go to' sportsbook for a new generation of bettors.

While the sports betting community's traditional heavyweights have stayed true to what brought them to the dance, LeoVegas has tried to crash the party.

Having the Kambi Group to provide the brand's software, interface and competitive odds is one way the website is able to stand toe-to-toe with its competition.

By offering promotions and bonuses other sportsbooks are afraid to advertise is a way for them to grow its customer base.

Any punter looking for new mobile betting offers and company to wager with should look no further than LeoVegas. The app has already won several awards, and with its in-play focus, and you could win plenty of cold, hard cash.

New, young and ready to take the world by storm, that is LeoVegas Sports.

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