Bookmaker Lucky 15 Bonuses Compared

Bookmaker Lucky 15 Bonuses compared so you can see which sites payout the most on only one winner and the bonus on four winners. We also include comparisons for Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 bonuses.

Bet365 Betting Offers

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Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus

Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus x 3 Odds for 1 winner

Collect on only 1 winner at x 3 the Odds at Betfred on your Horse Racing or Greyhound Lucky 15 bet.

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#AD 18+ Terms & conditions apply.
Applies to Horse and Greyhound bets only. Does not apply to virtual racing. 5 x the Odds on Lucky 63s. 4 x the Odds on Lucky 31s. 3 x the Odds on Lucky 15s. All selections must run. Paid in cash if only one winner. Full T&Cs Apply.

Lucky 15 Bonus x 3 Odds on One winner

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Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus

x 3 the Odds


Horse Racing/Greyhounds

William Hill Lucky 15 Bonus

x 2 the Odds

10% bonus

Horse Racing/Greyhounds

Boylesports Lucky 15 Bonus

x 2 the Odds

10% bonus

Horse Racing/Greyhounds/Virtual Racing

Bet365 has no bonus for Lucky 15 bets

x 2 the Odds

15% bonus

Horse Racing/Greyhounds

Netbet Lucky 15 Bonus None None N/A
Betfair sportsbook Lucky 15 Bonus None None N/A
10bet has no bonus for Lucky 15's None None N/A
Redzonesports Lucky 15 bonus None None N/A
Sportnation Lucky 15 bonus None None N/A

Workout your Lucky 15 bonus with the calculator below.

Bookmaker Lucky 15 Bonuses Compared on Lucky 15's

Bookmaker Lucky 15 Bonuses Compared so you can see who pays the biggest Bonus on winnings.If you're like me you enjoy having your bets in multiples. Trixie, Lucky 15 and Lucky 63's are generally the ones I like. It's always good then to know that if you have only one winner on a Lucky 15 bet, from your four selections Betfred will all pay you x 3 the odds on that one winner.

This Lucky Bet bonus applies to bets on all Horse Racing and Greyhounds. This is one example where it's wise to compare bookmakers for the bonuses they pay out on Lucky and accumulator bets.

How many times have you backed say four Horses only for one of them to come in?.

You can still make a profit of course on one winner providing the odds are going to be at least 15/1 for a 10p stake but at three times the odds you would only need a 4/1 winner so that would be x 3 the odds at 12/1 so you would only be down 20p.

Backing only one winner at any odds above 4/1 can now make you a profit.

Bookmaker Lucky 15 Bonuses compared example:

A 6/1 winner at x 3 the odds would pay you out 18/1 and at 10p a stake you are now collecting £1.80 plus your 10p stake = £1.90.

Now you are in profit at + 40p translate that to £1 stakes and the rewards are clear to see.

What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

A Lucky 15 comprises 15 bets on 4 selections in different events made up of:

  • 4 Singles
  • 6 Doubles
  • 4 Trebles
  • 1 Fourfold

As you can see from the comparison table above Betfred stand out as the only bookmakers to offer treble the odds for a single winner.

Head over to the bookmakers, sign up for your account and start backing those winners hopefully, but at least knowing that only one winner could make you a profit if the odds are big enough of course.

Lucky 15 Bet Explained by showing how many bets and what types of bets you get.


Do Ladbrokes pay a bonus on a Lucky 15?

Yes they do and their current Lucky 15 bonus consists of double the odds for only 1 winner and a 10% bonus added for 4 winners. Take a look at the Ladbrokes site here.

This compares pretty well with the other bookmaker Lucky 15 offers but still doesn't trump Betfred's offer! We recommend you use Betfred for Treble the odds on only one winner on your Lucky 15 bets.

Who pays Treble Odds On Lucky 15?

There's only one bookmaker that pays Treble odds for only one winner on Lucky 15's and that is and always has been – Betfred.

How does a Lucky 15 payout?

A Lucky 15 bet offers 15 individual bets. when you place the bet you are staking your bet amount x 15 times. In essence you are placing a stake on each combination of the bet.

This is good news in that there are many forms of payout all under the 4 slections that you enter.

The Lucky 15 payout consists of;

1 fourfold accumulator.
4 trebles, with each treble payout not including one of your selections.
6 doubles, using every selection combination possible.
4 singles

Is a Lucky 15 bet worth doing?

The best part about the Lucky 15 and this is why I choose it and also why it's essential to choose a bookmaker with the only one winner bonus – is because;

You have 4 single bets

Unlike a Yankee which doesn't.

So if you don't even score a Double it's still possible to get a payout on the Single part of the bet – and there's a Bonus on top with the Treble odds at Betfred if you do.

Is a Lucky 15 better than an accumulator?

Yes for the reasons above you don't have to rely on getting all winners as you do in a accumulator bet. You can get a payout even if you only get one winner in a Lucky 15.

In a acccumulator bet unless all your selections come in you lose the bet. There's no insurance in a acca bet it's all or nothing.

How do you pick a Lucky 15?

Choose 4 horses or any sports events and at the bottom of your online betting slip you will see the various options available to you – like Single bets, Double, bets Treble bets and other combination bets (Lucky 15 should be listed here).

Simply select the Lucky 15 option and enter your stake – the total bet amount will be 15 x your stake amount. So a £1 Lucky 15 bet would cost you £15.

Does bet365 do Lucky 15?

Yes they do – go to the Bet365 online bookmaker and select your 4 choices they will be added to your virtual bet slip and from there you will see the options to combine them into a Lucky 15 bet.

Is it worth doing a Lucky 15 each way?

Yes it is worth doing a Lucky 15 each way IF the odds of your selections are reasonably big.

So I only go each way on my Lucky 15 bet if I have a few of my selections at at least 8/1 or bigger and this is because it would give me a “2/1 winner” if it's a Handicap race paying out at 1/4 the odds a place. You always want to be looking for value at 8/1 or bigger at 1/4 odds fits the bill. Of course you could settle for lesser odds but you would be reducing any potential payout.

Either way 3 or 4 placed horses still amounts to a decent payout in a Lucky 15 bet providing the odds work out as it's accumulated.

How much does a 10p each way Lucky 15 cost?

A 10p Lucky 15 each way bet would cost you;

15 x 0.10 on the win part = £1.50
15 x 0.10 on the place part = £1.50
Total outlay on the 10p each way Lucky 15 cost = £3.00

How much is a 50p EW Lucky 15?

A 50p Lucky 15 each way bet would cost you;

15 x 0.50 on the win part = £7.50
15 x 0.50 on the place part = £7.50
Total outlay on the 50p each way Lucky 15 cost = £15.00

Can you do a Lucky 15 on football?

Yes you can place a Lucky 15 bet on football combining any 4 different football matches. This type of bet is not just for horse or greyhound racing.

You still have to choose 4 individual football matches for your Lucky 15 bet. The combination of 15 different bets remains.

1 fourfold accumulator
4 trebles
6 doubles
4 singles