Rodgers the Man to Lead the Packers

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Aaron Rodgers has been the subject of some discussion this week in the NFL news, with some pundits casting doubt over the quarterback's ability to lead Green Bay. 

Aaron-RodgersAn on-field confrontation with receiver, James Jones, in the victory against the Chicago Bears led to some declaring that Rodgers did not have the leadership skills needed for teams to be able to challenge over a season.

An interception was the reason for the quarterback to take issue with his receiver, but Jones insisted that there was no problem between the two, and that Rodgers was the right man to lead this team despite the bust-up.

“Everybody in this locker room looks up to him as a leader. Everybody in this locker room believes in him.” “We're trying to win. I messed up. Frustration happens. It's all good. No love lost. We're team-mates. We're like family in here. Like I said, everybody's trying to win. These things happen in football,”
admitted Jones, after Green Bay beat the Bears.

Rodgers has proven over the past few years that he deserves to be mentioned in the football news alongside the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but questions over the 28-year old's temperament have always lingered in the background.

The two-time Pro Bowl quarterback has been the major reason behind Green Bay's triumphs over recent years, and big things are expected of both Rodgers and the Packers this season.

Currently 1-1 from their opening two games of the season, Green Bay's offence has taken time to start looking like they did for so much of last year. A number of basic errors have left Packers fans frustrated, but once Rodgers and his offence hit top form, then Green Bay will begin to show why they are so highly fancied this season.

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