Work out your returns with the Bet Calculator

Work out your returns with the Bet Calculator

Updated: 17th May 2024

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Using the bet calculator I sometimes like to work out my returns if I'm placing a combination of bets before the events, like Lucky 15's.

Most bookmakers should do this for you on their sites when you have selected your bets. There should be a total payout amount shown in the box where you type in your stake amount.

However I thought it would be useful to have a stand alone calculator for reference to do the work as well.

Use the Bet Calculator to work out your returns on a Lucky 15 bet.You can use the bet calculator from Willaim Hill to work out your returns on your winning bets.

Any single or combination of bets' winnings can be calculated by using the software below. Singles, Doubles, Trebles, Fourfold, Accumulators (up to 10 selections), Trixie, Patent, Yankee, Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Heinz types of bets can all be worked out.

How to use the Bet Calculator?

First select the number of selections in your bet.

This will then display the type of bet you want the returns to be worked out on.

Then enter the price of the odds for the software to work out how much money you could make at the combined odds and amount of stake.

It should be straightforward to use just save the bet you've made or start again with a new number of selections for your bet. The software will calculate or start over for a new calculation.

The Types of Bets you can Calculate

Work out your potential returns or winnings from all these types of bets with our free bet calculator on this page.

Single Bet
Each Way
Super Yankee
Super Heinz
Lucky 15
Lucky 31
Lucky 63
Round Robin
Super Flag
Single Stakes About
Heinz Flag
Super Heinz Flag
Union Jack Patent
Union Jack Round Robin
Goliath Flag
Union Jack Trebles
Union Jack Trixie

Work out your returns with the Bet Calculator

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