Coral Cash Out Rules – When to Use Cashout on your Bets in 2020?

Understanding the Coral Cash Out rules and using the feature well means you can get maximise your winnings by taking them when you want to, before the final outcome of your bet!.

In essence you can be in complete control of your active bet with the Cash Out offer. Choose whether or not to take some or all of your winnings at any time during the events you have backed.

Let's look at the Coral cash out rules and some of the options you will have if you trigger the Coral Cashout feature and how it works for punters.

Coral Cash Out Rules – how does Cash Out work?

Wherever you see one of your bets with the Cash Out sign next to it you have the liberty and versatility to take a return when YOU wish to. Coral cash out rules allow you to cash in or cash out your profits with just a click.

When to use Cash Out?

  • If your bet is WINNING and you wish to take the cash and run.
  • If your bet is LOSING and you wish to claw back some of your stake.
  • You're waiting on a Multiple Bet that is already showing a profit before the last leg of the bet has finished. You can capitalise on the result so far for a guaranteed return no matter what takes place.

Examples of using the Cash Out feature

You back Manchester United to win 2-0. They go 2-0 up within 30 minutes. Do you rest on your bet and hope they don't score again or worse the opposition don't score a goal?. If you wanted a guaranteed return the option would be to utilise the Cash Out option and take the winnings.

You back Andy Murray as the Wimbledon tournament winner. He gets to the last, and now has to face Novak Djokovic. Do you keep your fingers crossed for an upset, or do you Cash Out and take your winnings

You've positioned a four-match accumulator over the weekend, the very first 3 all win. Do you risk everything on the last match, or do you take your cash and run?

Where to find the Cash Out button

Your Cash Out button sits at the bottom of you Betslip. Coral will ‘do the mathematics' and show precisely just how much you stand to win if you use the Cash Out option. So the only choice you have to make is simple and is merely a click away.

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Partial Cash Out

If you are still unsure you can choose the Partial Cash Out option which provides you the very best of BOTH worlds.

If you're still ‘on the fence' about exactly what to do, why not Cash Out a part of your bet and let the rest of it ride on. Partial Cash Out lets you gather a few of your winnings, BUT leave a little bit of your stake on. So you can lock-in some profit whatever the result.

To use the Coral Partial Cash Out simply utilize the slider to pick just how much of your winnings you wish to Cash Out. You can collect any amount from 10% to 90%. The rest will remain on your initial choice. Coral will do all the computations for you and your Coral Cash Out Betslip will reveal to you precisely just how much you stand to collect.

When the Cash Out button turns from orange to gold, your bet remains in earnings.

So all you have to do is choose how much of a return you want.

What Sports markets does Cash Out apply to?

Coral have an extensive range of sports betting markets where the Cash Out option applies. These include Football, Rugby, Tennis, Darts and Snooker match wagering. You can see which types of bets apply to the sports markets below.

Football Cash Out betting markets

Match Betting. Next Team to Score. Correct Score
Half-time/Full-time. Both Teams to Score. Double Chance
First Half Result. 1st Half Correct Score. 2nd Half Result
Second Half Correct Score. 1st Half Double Chance. 2nd Half Double Chance
Both Teams to Score in Both Halves. Both Teams to Score in 1st Half. Teams to Score in 2nd Half
Number of Teams to Score. To Score in Both Halves. To Score in 1st Half. Score in 2nd Half

Tennis Cash Out betting markets

Match Betting, Set Betting, Set Winner.

Darts Cash Out betting markets

Match Betting

Cricket Cash Out betting markets

Match Betting

Greatest 1st 6 Over Totals

Boxing Cash Out betting markets

Match Betting

Method of Victory

Snooker Cash Out betting markets

Match Betting

Do You need to Cash Out throughout a match?

No. You can Cash Out at any time after you've put the bet. This opts for Pre-Match or In-Play Single and Multiple bets. Simply click the Cash Out or Partial Cash Out button, then validate that you concur the Cash Out contract (another click). Then BOOM! Your profits remain in your account.

Can You see which bets have been Cashed Out?

Naturally. You can keep on top of all your Cashed Out bets in your My Account area. Simply go to:
MY ACCOUNT > BET HISTORY > choose CASHED OUT from the dropdown menu > go into DATE RANGE > DISPLAY RESULTS. Your Cashed Out bets will have an orange dot beside the date.

Plenty of independent online bookmakers now offer the Cash Out feature and a few have included Partial Cash Out too. It is an added feature to the punters arsenal and means extra control over your placed bets.

The main benefit though has to be the ability to make money from your bets.

In the past you would have been at the mercy of the result no matter what. The Cash Out option gives you the choice to ensure a pay-out on a winning bet in-play.

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