What Is a Super Flag Bet – Explained!

What Is a Super Flag Bet Explained

Updated: 22nd June 2024

Super flag bets are ultra thrilling. They're made with the experienced bettor in mind. You can make this type of bet during sporting events, but it's favored among horse racing and soccer punters.

If you're yet to acquaint yourself with the super flag, we'll tell you all the ins and outs below.

What Are Super Flag Bets?

A super flag is a type of combination bet. Both in-store and online bookies allow you to make this kind of bet since they're popular.

If you're unsure about what a combination bet is, it's simply a multi-wager bet. You don't bet money on a win/lose outcome. Instead, you package several smaller bets into one slip.

How Many Bets Are In a Super Flag?

In total, there are 46 separate bets. They're placed on five selections using six different types of bets. You can see the breakdown of the 46 in the next section.

How Does a Super Flag Bet Work?

The principal of sufficiently understanding this bet is to grasp the various bet types that it holds. It contains the following kinds of bets:

  • 10 treble bets
  • 10 double bets
  • 10 up and down single bets
  • 5 four-fold accumulators
  • 1 five-fold accumulator

All the above involves five unique selections. They must cover five different events too. You could bet on a handful of horse races or Premier League matches.

Let's look at each one of these bets in turn to give you a clear understanding of the famous super flag bet.

Double Bets

Doubles are the simplest bet type to win within a super flag bet. Here, you're wagering on the outcome of two events. However, both must win for you to earn a return. One out of two gets you nothing (unfortunately!).

Treble Bets

Similar to doubles except you make three selections. The odds are more challenging, but, of course, the rewards are higher.

All your selections need to hit for your treble bet to win. Sadly, even if two out of three wins, you won't get a return.

Up and Down Bets

Unarguably, these are the most complicated bet type in the whole ordeal. It involves two selections where the second selection relies on the outcome of the first.

In other words, the first bit of the up and down bet looks like a standard single. But, the second part never occurs unless the first part wins. They're wholly conditional.

Four-Fold Accumulators

Here, you're picking four selections. Each one has to hit for you to earn the accumulator return. You'll need a solid knowledge base with this bet kind, so choose wisely.

Five-Fold Accumulators

As you can guess, you're making five selections with this one. Again, all five need to win for you to get any earnings.

How Do You Calculate Super Flag Bet Winnings?

It's not easy to calculate your potential winnings from a super flag. Why? Because, as you've seen, there are tons of variables at play. You can't just consider the unit stakes. You also have to think about the odd prices and formats!

To avoid confusing your brain with impossible math, we suggest using a bet calculator instead. It'll save you a lot of time and stress.

All you need to do is input the details found on your bet slip into the calculator.  Then, it does all the work, and you can see your potential earnings in a matter of seconds. It's mainly the up and down bets that confuse things, so find yourself a decent calculator.

FAQ's on Flag Bets

What Is The Difference Between a Flag Bet and a Super Flag Bet?

As you'll know by now, a super flag bet features 5 selections and 5 unique bet types with 46 bets in total. Flag bets, on the other hand, contain 23 separate bets which look like this:

  • 6 up and down singles

  • 6 doubles

  • 4 trebles

  • 1 four-fold accumulator

How Many Horses Are In a Flag Bet?

A flag bet has 23 bets in total on 4 horses that are competing in 4 separate races. You cannot place a flag bet on two horses in the same race for this type of bet.

Why Would You Want to Place a Super Flag Bet?

Bettors typically place super flag bets to generate higher odds and, therefore, profits.

As a result, your earnings will be much higher than placing five single bets on the same selections if you win.

Consider this example:

You back 5 horses on even odds in a super flag bet. Your total stake is £46. You'll generate winnings of £246 if successful.

You back the same 5 horses on even odds using singles with the same stake. Your profit is just ££46.

Where Can You Place Super Flag Bets?

You can place super flag bets at all kinds of online bookies, including:



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