How and Where to Play Virtual Darts Betting Online

How and Where to Play Virtual Darts Betting Online

Updated: 20th May 2024

Most of us have played darts, whether it was as a childhood pastime or with our best mates at a local pub. Darts has since expanded to hit the big screens. Virtual Darts have made their way onto the scene, prompting punters to follow along the way.

In this article, you can learn all about virtual betting online and the best bookmakers to bet virtual darts online.

#1 BetFred Virtual Darts Betting

Betfred Virtual Darts betting

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With Virtual Darts, you no longer have to go out in search of a match.

This new virtual betting experience gives punters a front-row seat to a darts match without the pains of waiting on or following a live tournament.

Today we’ll dive into what Virtual Darts betting is, how it works, what you can bet on, and if it’s truly fair.

What is Virtual Darts Betting?

All virtual sports are online, computer-generated sporting contests. Punters watch and bet on these contests the same as they would a live, in-person match.

Other virtual betting games include basketball, tennis, horse racing, and more. Punters prefer virtual matches for their speed and efficiency.

Virtual Darts, also called Rush Darts, takes the fun and energy of real darts betting and amplifies it.

With Virtual Darts, punters don’t need to sit and wait hours for a match to conclude. Punters can also spare themselves the time needed to research real dart players; since virtual dart matches are computer-generated, there is less investigation to be done before the match.

Punters can participate in various online bookmakers that offer betting options for Virtual Darts. We’ll talk about a few options below.

How Does Virtual Darts Work?

Virtual Darts betting looks similar to the real thing. To watch and bet on Virtual Darts, you’ll have to create an account on a legal bookmaker page.

Punters watch the match from a split-screen. You’ll be able to see the player throwing the darts, and where/how they land on the board.

Virtual Darts are also called Rush Darts for a reason.

Each virtual match lasts around five minutes and only consists of one leg. This allows punters to watch more matches in less time, keeping all of the betting excitement going in between.

What Virtual Darts Markets are Available?

Virtual Dart markets depend on the bookmaker you’re working with.

While you might be familiar with real dart betting terms, the markets aren’t the same. It’s important to read up on the virtual markets before diving in.

Here are the most common Virtual Darts markets available.

Match Winner

One of the simplest bets in Virtual Darts, match winner bets are exactly what they sound like.

You choose who you believe will win the match. Before you make your decision, you should understand and review the odds of the match before it begins.

First Three Darts

With this bet, your job is to determine a player’s ability to do well – or not – at the beginning of the match.

After choosing your favourite player, you will predict the score they will have after the first three darts of the game.

Total Checkout

Virtual Darts betting includes a bet where you decide if a player will check out with a score over or under 40.5 by the end of the match.

A checkout is the total number of points your player has in his last visit to the oche.

Even computer-generated darts players have their own styles, so you can know a bit about the players beforehand, even if they aren’t real people.

Colours Markets

For this bet, you must wager on which colour a player will check out on, otherwise known as where they will finalize their victory. You will choose between red or green for your player of choice.

Dart Markets

Players have various checkout options to win the game. For dart markets, similar to colours markets, you will bet on which checkout option your player will use to seal their victory.

For example, you can wager that your player will win by throwing a double 16, or another option.


This bet lets you combine the winner and their checkout. Such bets allow the possibility to find a 16/1 selection or greater.


Specials markets include a large variety of additional bets for Virtual Darts. In this group, you can find bets such as a nine-dart finish, or even wager on if a 180 will be scored.

How Do You Know That Virtual Darts is Fair?

Virtual sports betting has made many punters wary of whether or not the results are fair.

As long as you bet through a licensed bookmaker site, you can rest easy.

Check to ensure they are licensed through the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This gives peace of mind that you are participating in balanced and fair Virtual Dart matches.

The UKGC requires licensed sites to show and prove that their winners are selected through random number generator algorithms.

This means that the site cannot adjust the odds to anyone’s favour.

Where Can You Bet on Virtual Darts?

As you’ve read, Virtual Darts is best played through a secure and licensed platform. A few of our favourite bookmakers are listed below.


Betfred Virtual Darts betting

You can play in your own time when you choose Betfred's virtual betting world of sports.

Play virtual darts for the first time at Betfred and you can also enjoy a nice welcome offer Bet £10 Get £5 (instantly!).

There's also a handy virtual betting guide on hand to assist you at Betfred's virtual page – just click on the link below to be taken to the Betfred area.

Remember to gamble responsibly.

Betfred is one of the biggest UK-based bookmakers. They are licensed by the UKGC and registered in Gibraltar.

Their online presence includes ease of use with a wide range of promos and bonuses, and they also have brick-and-mortar betting shops in the UK.

They are also one of the first and few bookmakers to offer a pay-out early option.

Go To Betfred VirtualGo To Betfred Virtual

Getting Ready to Bet on Virtual Darts

If you’re looking for fast-action betting with a nice array of betting markets, Virtual Darts may be for you.

With continuous, fair matches every five minutes, the action is always at your fingertips. Choose a licensed bookmaker and try out Virtual Darts today!


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