What Does Push Mean on bet365?

What Does Push Mean on bet365

Updated: 17th January 2022

On bet365 and other betting sites, a push is a tie between you and the betting site. This happens most frequently when you bet on a game that has a point spread. The bet is tied if your team wins by the exact spread of points that is listed.

However, that is just the basic answer to what does push mean on bet365. A push can happen in a couple of different betting situations.

Below, I will go over all of the different situations so that you always know what your possibilities are.

Other bet types that can push

Even though pushes are most common with point spread bets, they can occur on other bet types.

A push can also happen on over/under totals and Moneyline bets.

An over/under bet is pushed when the point total matches the over or under margin. If the ending scores are 14-7 on a game where the under or over margin was 21 then it’s a push.

Moneyline bets are more particular. You can push on a Moneyline bet only in specific circumstances.

This style of bet can only be pushed if the game ends in a tie and that was not one of the available options. Because of these conditions, your three-way Moneyline bets won’t get pushed since you can bet on a tie.

How betting sites avoid a push

Most betting sites will want to avoid pushes because they can’t make money when they have to return your stake. Even though pushes don’t happen too frequently, some sites will attempt to avoid pushes.

The simplest way to avoid a push is possible with a point spread bet.

If you see a point spread that is not a whole number, there is no chance for a push. If you can’t score half points in the game, there is no way to match a 10.5 point spread.

This same method can be applied to over/under bets. If the over or under margin has a decimal you know the betting site wanted to avoid a push.

Moneyline bets avoid pushes by including an option to bet on a tie between the two teams. This is usually done for games where a tie is more common such as football.

If you want to avoid a push, look out for the above methods.

Who wins on a push bet?

In almost every betting circumstance there is a winner and a loser. Bets that end in a push are the exception to that rule. When a bet is pushed, it is not considered a win or a loss for you. You don’t lose or gain any money.

It’s just like a tie even if the subjects of the bet did not tie.

When your wins and losses are tracked, push bets will either not be recorded or will be shown at the end.

For example, 7-2-1 is 7 wins, 2 losses, and 1 push.

What does it mean when a bet is pushed?

All that a push means is that the game turned out differently than the betting site expected. If the game ended with a tie, then the odds of that were incredibly low.

If the total score matched the over/under or the point spread then the teams involved either did better or worse than expected.

Now that you know the basic answer to the question “what does push mean on bet365” let’s get into the specifics.

As mentioned above, a bet is pushed when you tie with the betting site, but what does that mean for you?

When a bet is pushed, the stake that you put in will be refunded to you unlike if you had lost.

Thankfully, since it isn’t considered a win, you don’t have to pay the sportsbook a cut. Every penny that you put in will be returned.

Parlay Bonus at Bet365

What does a push mean in a parlay?

Here’s where pushes can get a little more confusing. Since winning or losing a parlay is determined by just one loss, how does a push factor in?

In general terms, a push in a parlay is the same thing as a push for any other bet. It can happen under the same conditions and is not considered a win or loss.

However, since you don’t put money on specific legs of a parlay, you don’t get any money back.

There is a downside to a push in a parlay. While you won’t lose any money if one of the legs ends in a push, your profit if you win is reduced.

Just like parlays, you can have a push in a teaser or a pleaser for similar results.

Does a push ruin a parlay?

A push won’t ruin a parlay, but it will affect your odds and winnings. A push will remove that bet from the parlay. This will improve your chance to win the parlay since fewer things have to happen for you to win.

As a result, your winnings will decrease. That said, as long as you win one of the legs, all of the other bets can end in a push and you will still profit. Though the odds for all pushes and one win get lower the more legs you add.

If your parlay ends in one win with the rest marked as pushes, it would be as if you placed a normal bet. In this case, it could be said that the parlay was ruined by a push. Still, a partial win is better than a total loss.

What happens if you push one game in a parlay?

The best case scenario for a push in a parlay is just one. One push in a parlay will reduce your winnings, but will still allow you to win. If it is a large parlay with several legs, one push will hardly affect the end result.

The rest of the legs will factor in as usual, but the total odds and winnings will change as mentioned above.

What happens if free play pushes?

What happens when you place a bet using a bonus play offer and the bet results in a push?

Depending on where you’re betting, the bet credits are either lost or returned as credit for another bonus bet.

Bet365 specifically, will commonly offer bonus in-play bets. These often require you to place a bet before the game starts. Usually, there are also certain eligibility conditions you must meet before being offered the bonus bet.

They end up matching this bet (up to a certain amount) with an in-play bet. Unfortunately, if the bet results in a push, you will not get the bonus bet amount to use again later. This is especially true since the bet credit was for a specific game.

Last words

There’s the answer to “what does push mean on bet365” in any circumstance you might encounter a push. Don’t be dismayed when your bet is pushed, you may not have won, but you didn’t lose either.

Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for those little tricks used to avoid pushes since a push is preferable to a loss.

Good luck with all of your future bets!

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