Pinnacle Sports Betting Review

Pinnacle sports betting review

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There are multiple online bookmakers, dozens, even hundreds of online operators, each aiming to offer the best service to its customers. Most of them are very similar to each other, in terms of covered sports, types of bets, types of bonuses and promotions, and other aspects.

The first thing that needs to be said about the Pinnacle sports betting site is that it employs a different concept. The Pinnacle betting site is somewhat different from most other UK betting sites. This is because the bookmaker offers exclusive features including:

  • Arbitrage betting friendly bookmaker
  • No limits on bets
  • No closure of winning accounts
  • Exceptional Odds

About Pinnacle Bookmaker

The Pinnacle sports betting site was founded in 1998, with the aim to cater to punters from all over the world. It is one of the oldest and most popular online bookmakers.

Pinnacle offers its services in over 200 countries according to customer service, almost three-quarters of the surveyed punters think that Pinnacle offers better services compared to other operators.

Pinnacle Sports is based in Curacao, part of the Netherland Antilles, and it is licensed and regulated by the authorities of this country. Since 2015 Pinnacle is also licensed by the Maltese Gaming Authority.

There are no reports on the total value of bets that are handled by Pinnacle sports betting on a yearly basis, but it is certain that the amount is measured in billions of dollars.

In addition to sports betting, Pinnacle also operates an online casino.

User-Interface and Functionality

The Pinnacle sports bookmaker uses a shade of darker, greyish blue as the main background colour. The first impression is that the homepage isn’t too crowded, in the sense that there aren’t a lot of graphic and visual elements.

On the left, there’s a menu with all sports that feature events that are live at that particular moment. Below the menu is the full list of available sports.

Centrally, you will see links to the most popular event or events that take place on that day. There are also links to pages that contain useful articles and other information.

Available Sports to bet on at Pinnacle Bookmaker

Alpine Skiing
Cross Country Skiing
Mixed Martial Arts
Rugby Union betting
Ski Jumping
Formula 1
Rugby Union betting

Pinnacle Sports includes more than 15 sports in its betting offer. That’s fewer sports compared to the offer of most other bookmakers. However, the sports that the vast majority of punters are interested in are still covered.

You will be able to bet on football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and rugby, as well as sports like handball, volleyball, mixed martial arts, and eSports.

The number of betting markets for each individual match depends on the popularity of the competition and the match itself. Generally, you can expect more betting options for more popular matches and events.

Even though the list of offered markets might be shorter compared to what other operators offer, there is still a range of options.

Pinnacle Sportsbook Bet Types

If you’re betting on football, in addition to standard match betting markets (win/draw/win), you will also be able to bet whether both teams will manage to score, what will be the correct score, what will be the correct score after the first half, whether a team will keep a clean sheet or not and many more.

Outright betting is also available. For example, even before the first match of the Premier League sports betting season takes place, you could bet whether a particular team will win the league, finish in the top 4, or be relegated.

As in any mainstream bookie, Handicap betting is another option for players. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, handicap betting involves giving a virtual advantage to one of the teams in order to eliminate or minimise the role of a favourite and an underdog.

For example, if you’re betting on a football match and the odds for one of the teams to win are much higher, then for the purpose of the bet it will be considered that the weaker team starts the game with a goal or a two-goal advantage.

Accumulator or a parlay is a bet that includes more than one selection. In order to win, all included selections must win.

The potential winnings are calculated by multiplying the fractional odds for all selections.

You then multiply the result by the stake.

Accumulator bets are known as parlay bets in the US. Teasers are similar to parlay or accumulator bets.

However, the handicap odds are adjusted in your favour. This results in higher chances of winning and lower odds (lower potential winnings).

Pinnacle Sports In-Play Betting

In-play betting is available for a number of events across a range of sports and different competitions.

The available markets depend on the popularity of the game, how long until the end of the event, what are the current score, and other relevant factors.

For example, if you’re betting on football and the score is 3:0 and the match has passed the 75th-minute mark, it’ll make no sense to keep betting on the home team to win open, because the odds would be too low.

On the other hand, betting whether a fourth goal will be scored or not, will be something that many punters would wish to bet on.

Pinnacle Mobile Betting App

Pinnacle’s website is completely mobile-friendly. You can see what the mobile version of the site looks like even on your desktop/laptop.

If you open the website in your mobile browser you will be taken straight to the mobile version.

The mobile version offers the very same things that are available in the standard version of the website.

You will be able to browse through the betting offers, as well as the other resources, and choose selections and place wagers.

Pinnacle Sports Mobile Betting App Lite

There are also Pinnacle Lite apps, available for Android and iOS devices.

These apps let you see not only the current odds but also the history of the odds for each selection, they change through time and you may also set alerts, i.e. be notified when the odds reach a certain number.

Pinnacle Sports Guides and Other Resources

In addition to favourable odds and multiple betting options, Pinnacle Sports also features a lot of articles aimed at inexperienced bettors.

You will find articles that explain the different bet types and options.

There are articles on more general analyses of particular sports and competitions.

Read up on the full betting guides. There are articles on betting psychology.

In short, everything that you need to know if you aim to become a more successful punter.

What’s more important, the information is always accurate and the analyses and articles are sound and substantiated.

With most other operators you’d have to be browsing through the internet and visiting numerous websites to obtain useful information regarding betting.

Does Pinnacle Sports Offer the Best Odds or What?

We already said that Pinnacle is very different from most other operators and that it has chosen a unique concept. It is very simple, Pinnacle doesn’t offer any bonuses in the traditional sense of the word.

No welcome bonus to match your deposit after you register, and no free bet when you lose your first bet. Instead, Pinnacle aims to provide more competitive odds.

Better odds mean that when you will you will have more money compared to what you would’ve had if you have placed the same bet with another bookmaker.

For example, if some other operator offers 1.90 odds for a particular selection and Pinnacle offers 2.00 and you wager £100, you would’ve won just £90 with the first bookmaker and a full £100 with Pinnacle.

Pinnacle doesn’t just say that it offers better odds. That fact has been confirmed.

The average payout at Pinnacle is 96.90%, whereas just for football bets it is even higher at 97.09%, which means that the margin, which provides the profit for the bookmaker, is lower than 3%.

Most other bookmakers offer betting at a margin higher than 5%, usually around 6%, so the odds at Pinnacle are significantly better than the odds offered by competing sites.

An independent betting site compares the odds and the average payouts (margins) of all major bookmakers and Pinnacle is on top every year.

No Random Account Restrictions

And it’s not just higher odds, Pinnacle also offers a few other benefits that you won’t find at other online bookmakers.

Many bookmakers have a policy of limiting punters who are successful.

It is a well-known fact that most customers spend more than they win, that’s how bookmakers make their profit.

However, there is a small minority of professional punters who have managed to stay profitable over the years.

Most bookmakers limit their accounts, not allowing them to wager and win large amounts of money, thus practically forcing them to quit.

Arbitrage Betting Friendly Bookmaker

Moreover, most other bookmakers limit and try to prevent arbitrage betting. However, with Pinnacle Sports you are on to a winner if you partake in arbitrage betting. The bookmaker has no restrictions on arbitrage betting.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting, to put it simply is when you browse through the betting offers of various bookmakers and find a market where the overall value of two opposite selections guarantees a profit.

For example, when over 2.5 goals for a particular match is valued at 2.02 at bookmaker A, and under 2.5 goals is valued at 2.05 at bookmaker B.

If you place both wagers, profit will be guaranteed, and regardless of the score you will earn either 0.2% or 0.5% plus have your original wagers back.

When a punter is guaranteed profit, the bookmakers are guaranteed to lose and that’s why most operators limit arbitrage betting and suspend the accounts of customers who engage in it.

Pinnacle allows arbitrage betting because it doesn’t violate their main principle.

Namely, this operator focuses on bet volume and as they receive huge amounts of bets, they don’t mind when someone tries to benefit from the competitive odds in this way.

Rest assured, Pinnacle will not put an arbitrary limit on your account and you will be able to bet as much as you want.

Pinnacle Sports Payment Options

Pinnacle accepts a really wide range of payment options, some available only to customers that live in certain countries or regions i.e. if you use a certain currency, whereas other methods are accepted internationally and are available to anyone.

The Pinnacle bookmaker supports a total of 20 currencies.

Pinnacle Currencies Accepted

  • Brazilian Real (BRL)
  • Colombian Peso (COP)
  • Australian Dollars
  • Brazilian Reals
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi
  • Colombian Pesos
  • Czech Koruna
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Japanese Yen
  • Korean Won
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • Mexican Peso
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Polish Zloty
  • Pound Sterling
  • Russian Rouble
  • Singaporean Dollars
  • Swedish Kronor
  • Taiwanese Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • United States Dollar


If you choose UK pounds sterling, you will be able to deposit using one of the 9 available methods, whereas a total of 7 methods will be available for withdrawal.

The accepted payment methods are the following: Trustly (deposit only), instant banking, ecoPayz, Visa or MasterCard (deposit only), Neteller, Skrill, EntroPay, bank transfer, and Paysafecard.

Pinnacle doesn’t charge any fees for deposits, except if you’re using a Paysafecard, in which case the fee is set to 3.45% of your deposit.

The minimum deposit amount depends on the chosen method, it is £10 if you deposit via Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, ecoPayz, or Trustly, £25 for Paysafecard, EntroPay, and credit/debit card deposits, and £50 if you deposit via instant banking.

The maximum deposit limits also vary, in some cases, they depend on the payment provider.

With Trustly, you can deposit as much as £35,000 within one day, there’s no maximum on bank deposits, and the limit for Neteller deposits is £20,000 per transaction.

If you deposit using your credit card, you’ll see that there are different limits per transaction (£350), day (£700), and month (£1,500).


Pinnacle charges a standard fee of £8 on all withdrawals, except for bank withdrawals, in which case the fee is £12.

The minimum withdrawal amount is £10 for most methods, except if you use Paysafecard (£25), or instant banking (£50).

The maximum deposit limits are different for every method.

With Paysafecard it is £750 per transaction, with instant banking it is £7,500 per day, and for Neteller and Skrill, it is £20,000 and £35,000 per transaction, respectively.

There is no limit on bank transfer withdrawals.

Pinnacle Sports Customer Support

Pinnacle offers email support. Their customer support staff is active 24/7.

You don’t need to send an email from your account, instead, you can fill in the available online form, with all the necessary details and then Pinnacle will respond with an email.

Alternatively, you can email them directly. If you prefer traditional communication, you may also send a letter via regular post.

The website features a help section where answers to all important questions as well as other useful information are provided. So, it might be wise to search the help section before emailing customer support.

Why you should bet at Pinnacle Bookmaker

  • Lowest margins of any Bookmaker meaning better odds and Bigger returns on your winning bets.
  • Highest bet Limits. No restrictions on the amount you can bet with low limit punters (bet from £1) are also welcome.
  • Arbitrage betting is welcomed.
  • Winners Welcome. No account closures on your winning.
  • Golf betting markets and high odds.
  • Mobile Betting.
  • Pinnacle Casino with High Speed, Instant Play, and No Downloads
  • eSports Odds are available for you to bet on StarCraft 2, Dota 2 & League of Legends.

Why you shouldn't bet at Pinnacle Bookmaker

  • No Horse Racing Odds
  • There's No joining Bonus
  • No Poker site
  • No UK Players are allowed.

Pinnacle Sports Betting Review Verdict

To conclude Pinnacle Bookmaker takes a unique approach to online sports betting. Their low-margin pricing enables them to consistently offer the best odds on at least one side of any given market.

Combined with the highest betting limits available online, this provides you with the best chance to win more with your sports betting.

This model enables Pinnacle Sports to offer exchange-like betting odds, but with guaranteed liquidity.

Unlike an exchange, they never charge a commission on winning bets.

Founded in 1998 and now serving customers in over 100 countries, Pinnacle Sports has earned a special status in the world's online betting community.

Fully licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) and the Government of Curacao, and with professional 24-hour customer service and the quickest payouts online.

  • Pinnacle Sports is an  Arbitrage betting-friendly bookie.
  • The company offers a safe and secure environment for online sports betting and casino gaming.

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