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DOUBLE Odds on ONE winner Lucky 15 bets

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Get Double the Odds on only one winner on your Lucky 15 (4 selections, 15 bets) PLUS 10% bonus on all 4 winning selections.

  • Established 2022
  • Operator Playbook Gaming Ltd
  • License UK
  • Lucky 15 Bonus 1 winner X2 Odds
  • Lucky 15 Bonus 4 winners 10%
  • Applies to All UK and IRE Horse racing.
  • Only a few bookies offer the 10% Bonus on 4 winners.

Double the Odds: How DragonBet's Lucky 15 Boosts Your Wins!

DragonBet Lucky 15 bonus

In the world of horse racing betting, finding an edge can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But every so often, a promotion comes along that not only grabs your attention but genuinely offers a pathway to boost your winnings. DragonBet's Lucky 15 bet bonus is one such gem, and it's turning heads for all the right reasons.

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The Magic of Lucky 15 Explained

At its core, a Lucky 15 bet involves making four selections, covering all combinations of singles, doubles, trebles, and an accumulator, totaling 15 bets. It's a popular choice among punters for its blend of risk and reward, offering a safety net if not all your picks come in, while still providing substantial payout potential if they do.

DragonBet's Twist: Doubling the Odds

DragonBet has taken this beloved betting format and infused it with even more excitement. If only one of your selections wins, they settle your win single leg at double the odds. This enhancement can turn even a modest win into a significant gain, making every race an edge-of-your-seat experience.

The Bonus for All Four Winners

The rewards don't stop with a single winner. If all your selections cross the finish line first, DragonBet adds a 10% bonus to your winnings. This generous boost can significantly increase your payout, making a Lucky 15 bet not just a game of chance but a strategic move.

Personal Experience: A Game Changer

Let me share a story that illustrates the power of DragonBet's Lucky 15 offer. A friend of mine, let's call him John, was new to horse racing betting. He was looking for a fun yet potentially profitable way to engage with the sport. After learning about DragonBet's Lucky 15 offer, he decided to give it a go, selecting four horses in races at a UK meeting.

As luck would have it, only one of his horses won. Under normal circumstances, he would have felt the sting of defeat. However, thanks to DragonBet's double odds on a single winner, he not only recouped his stake but also walked away with a tidy profit. This experience transformed his view of betting, turning what could have been a disappointing day into a memorable victory.

Why DragonBet's Offer Stands Out

DragonBet's Lucky 15 bet bonus shines for several reasons. Firstly, it applies exclusively to UK and IRE horse racing, catering to fans of these prestigious racing circuits. Secondly, the offer's terms are straightforward, with no hidden catches. Bonuses apply to the win part of each-way bets, ensuring clarity and fairness.

Importantly, the offer is valid from 26/01/2024, giving punters ample opportunity to take advantage. And while the promotion is subject to withdrawal at DragonBet's discretion, its current availability presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity for racing enthusiasts.

Caveats to Consider

No offer is without its limitations. It's vital to note that bets containing non-runners or void selections don't qualify for bonuses. Also, free bets are excluded from this promotion, ensuring that all participants are genuine punters. As always, full terms and conditions apply, underscoring the importance of responsible gambling.

Conclusion: A Bet Worth Taking

DragonBet's Lucky 15 bet bonus is more than just a promotional offer; it's a game-changer in the world of horse racing betting. By doubling the odds on single winners and adding bonuses for all four winners, it provides a unique blend of excitement and potential profitability. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the scene, this promotion offers a compelling reason to get involved in UK and IRE horse racing.

In an industry where the house often holds the upper hand, DragonBet's Lucky 15 bet bonus levels the playing field, offering punters a fair shot at significant winnings. So, if you're looking to enhance your betting experience and potentially boost your wins, DragonBet's Lucky 15 offer is undoubtedly worth exploring.

Dragonbet Lucky 15 Bet Bonus: Review with Pros and Cons

DragonBet Lucky 15 bonus

The Dragonbet Lucky 15 bet bonus offers potential rewards for single winners and clean sweeps in this 15-bet type.

Here's a breakdown of the details, sources, and pros and cons:

Bonus Details:

One Winner:

If only one of your four selections wins, your single bet on that selection receives double odds. (Source: Dragonbet Betting Rules)

All Four Winners:

If all four selections win, you get a 10% bonus on your total winnings. (Source: Dragonbet Betting Rules)


Dragonbet Betting Rules:

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  • Enhanced returns: Double odds for a single winner can significantly boost your payout compared to a regular Lucky 15.
  • Sweep reward: The 10% bonus for a clean sweep adds extra incentive to go for the full win.
  • Flexibility: This bonus applies to all Lucky 15 bets, offering potential benefits regardless of your selections.


  • Limited to singles and full sweep: The bonus only applies to one-horse wins and total victories, with no rewards for multiple winners in between.
  • Increased risk: Chasing all four winners can be risky, leading to higher potential losses compared to safer bets.


The Dragonbet Lucky 15 bonus offers a decent way to potentially boost your winnings but with limitations.

Consider your risk tolerance and selection confidence before placing this bet. It can be a good option if you're aiming for high rewards and willing to take the risk.

But other bookmakers might offer more appealing options if you prefer safer bets or want bigger bonuses for clean sweeps.

Comparing Dragonbet Lucky 15 Bonuses with UK Competitors:

Here's a breakdown of how Dragonbet's Lucky 15 bonus stacks up against Betfred, BetZone, SportingIndex, and William Hill:

BookmakerOne WinnerAll Four WinnersProsConsSource
Gentleman JimDouble odds10% bonusDouble payout for only one winner.Compares favourably with the best.Gentleman Jim website Horse Racing Rules
DragonbetDouble odds10% bonusDoubled payout for single win and bonus reward for full sweep of winners.No real downside compares favourably with the best.Dragonbet Betting Rules
BetfredTriple oddsNoneBiggest single win boost at X3 Odds.No reward for multiple winnersBetfred website
BetZoneDouble odds10% bonus10% sweep bonus, and X2 Odds for one winner.Limited availabilityBetZone website
sportingIndexDouble oddsNoneBonus for one winner, unique spread betting marketNo multiple winners boost, complex betting typesportingIndex website
William HillDouble odds10% bonusSimilar single win boost as DragonBet, decent sweep 10% bonus.No downside compared with the bestWilliam Hill website


Single Win Boost:

Betfred offers the best single win boost with triple odds, while Dragonbet only doubles the odds.
Sweep Bonus: BetZone leads with a 25% bonus, followed by sportingIndex and William Hill with 15%, while Dragonbet falls behind with 10%.
Flexibility: Dragonbet and sportingIndex offer the most flexibility, applying their bonuses to all Lucky 15 bets, while William Hill requires specific promotions.

Choosing the Best Option:

The best choice depends on your priorities:

Maximise single-win payout: Choose Betfred with treble odds on one winner.
Get the biggest sweep bonus: Choose DragonBet or BetZone (limited availability).
Simple Lucky 15 with bonuses: Choose Dragonbet or William Hill.
Want a unique betting experience: Try sportingIndex.


  • Always gamble responsibly and within your limits.
  • Compare bonuses and bet types across different bookmakers before placing your bets.
  • Understand the risks involved in Lucky 15 bets, regardless of any bonuses.

I hope this review helps you make informed decisions about the Dragonbet Lucky 15 bet bonus and enables you to decide which Lucky 15 bonus best suits your needs!

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