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Up To £50 Free Bet If your Correct Score loses in Added Time

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Another top betting offer from StarSports. This onecovers all your correct score football bets. If your have a correct score winning at 90 minutes but it goes down in added time you can get a nifty £50 as a freebet!

  • Established 2009
  • License UK
  • Betting Offer 50% of your stake back as a free bet if your correct score is correct at 90 minutes but loses in added time.
  • Bonus Code AddedInsurance
  • Up To £50 Free Bet Refund is a decent amount
  • Covers a good amount of Leagues: English Premier League, Championship, Champions League (post qualifying rounds), Europa League (post qualifying rounds) & Europa Conference League (post qualifying rounds), International Tournaments (post qualifying rounds), FA Cup (from 4th round onwards), England League Cup (from 4th round onwards).
  • Offer applies to New and Existing Players
  • Adds Insurance to your Correct Score bets
  • Doesn't apply to all football Leagues

StarSports Bet Adds Insurance to Correct Score Bets – Is it Worth the Gamble?

StarSports Added Insurance Correct Score betting offer
One of the more challenging football bets is the correct score bet, where a punter predicts the exact final score of a match. This type of bet can be particularly difficult to get right, but a new offering from StarSports Bet is aiming to change that with their new added insurance feature for correct score bets.

What is the new StarSports Added Insurance feature?

StarSports Bet’s new insurance feature is designed to offer punters some protection when placing correct score bets.

This means that if a punter places a correct score bet which is still correct at 90 minutes but then loses in added time, they will be refunded 50% of their stake in the form of a free bet.

This is a significant development, as added time losses often frustrate punters and bookmakers.

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How does the StarSports Added Insurance work?

The insurance is available on all correct score bets placed on eligible matches.

To qualify for the StarSports new betting offer, you must place a bet on any Correct Score market in any of the following leagues:

English Premier League, Championship, Champions League (post-qualifying rounds), Europa League (post-qualifying rounds) & Europa Conference League (post-qualifying rounds), International Tournaments (post-qualifying rounds), FA Cup (from 4th round onwards), England League Cup (from 4th round onwards).

Punters need to place a correct score bet as usual, and if the game goes to added time, and the correct score bet was winning prior to the extra time added, they will automatically receive a free bet to 50% of the value of their stake, up to a £50 limit.

Is it worth the gamble?

Many punters are understandably cautious when trying out new betting offers, especially when it involves a potentially risky type of bet, like the correct score. So, is StarSports Bet’s new insurance feature worth the gamble?


1. Protection against added time: The new insurance feature provides punters with some peace of mind when placing correct score bets, as they know that if their bet gets done during added time, they will not lose all their stake.

2. Encourages more correct score bets: By offering insurance on correct score bets, StarSports Bet is likely to encourage more punters to try their luck with this type of bet, knowing that there is some protection in place.

3. Free bet compensation: If a punter’s correct score bet is refunded due to losing in added time, they will receive the refund in the form of a £50 free bet, which means they still have a chance to win some money on another bet.


1. Limited to added time outcomes: The insurance feature only applies to added time, so if the correct score bet is lost in any other outcome, the punter will not receive any compensation.

2. Limited to specified matches: The insurance feature is only available on eligible matches, so punters may not be able to use it for every correct score bet they place.

3. Potential for lower odds: With the added insurance, there is the potential for lower odds on correct score bets, which may not be as appealing to some punters.


Overall, StarSports Bet’s new insurance feature for correct score bets is a welcome addition to the world of sports betting. It provides punters with some protection and encouragement to try out this type of bet, which can often be difficult to get right.

While there are some limitations to consider, the insurance feature is certainly worth considering for punters who enjoy correct score bets and want some added security.

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