Finding the Right Sport For You

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Updated: 14th July 2024

Finding the Right Sport For You

If you are thinking about taking up a sport but you are not sure which one would be right for you, then there are number of factors you should take into account.

If you want to take up sport for the social aspect, then obviously, a team sport will suit you. There are all sorts of team sports that you can take up in your local area including local football teams, rugby teams, hockey or netball.

Teams such as these will meet regularly for training and may even be involved in local leagues allowing you to play competitively. Check your local papers or notice boards in your local leisure centre for details of teams who are looking for new members.

Playing sport is great for your health, it will help keep you fit and ensure that you get regular exercise. It is also a great way to meet and make new friends, especially if you are new to a particular area.

Some teams will want you to have some experience in a sport before they allow you to join, others will be content as long as you roughly know the rules. Most however will allow you a trial week where you can check each other out.

Aerobics or yoga classes are also great ways to get fit and meet people. Zumba, which is the current aerobics craze is really good fun, getting fit whilst performing exercises which are more like dancing. You are bound to make a new friend or two there or why not take a friend along with you?

If you just want to get or keep fit, then you could simply join a gym or take up running, both of these you can do on your own. Some people prefer to exercise on their own, with their own thoughts or music playing in their ears. As long as you are getting regularly exercise, team sport or workout loner, it really doesn`t matter.

Different people are simply better at different sports. For example people with limited coordination skills may find tennis a little difficult. Tennis however is a great sport for building all round fitness, particularly upper body strength – have you seen Raphael Nadal`s biceps? Some sports centres will offer tennis lessons or you may find a tennis club nearby offering coaching.

Swimming is another great sport for all round fitness. Most pools will have an adults only session or two per week as well as periods where they will provide a lane or two for competent swimmers who want to swim seriously. Most pools, particularly in larger towns will run swimming clubs, some of which will have a seniors division. You will be required to turn up at least once a week for training with the prospect of entering swimming galas at the weekends.

A lot of sports involve balls of some size or shape. Having the right ball for the right sport is important, you can`t for instance play cricket with a football or vice versa. If you want to get the right ball for your sport, then try the SportsBallShop.

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