Mcgregor vs Mayweather Odds – Where’s the Money Going down?

Enhanced Mayweather vs McGregor Odds from Betfair

Updated: 16th June 2024

Enhanced Mcgregor vs Mayweather Odds from Betfair
We look at the Mcgregor vs Mayweather odds and where the bets are going. As the biggest combat sporting event of the year gathers pace, punters have been putting their money where their mouths are and piling in on either Floyd Mayweather Jnr or Conor McGregor. Mayweather is placing his pristine 49-0 record on the line. He remains the overwhelming betting favourite, leaving hopeful fans scrambling for some perceived value and throwing down decent money on the Irishman. 

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74/17 Best Odds Conor McGregor to Win the fight at 10Bet

One gambler has placed a £10,000 bet through Ladbrokes online on a McGregor victory, which will bring in a cool £40,000 return, on odds of 11/4.

All returns are of course dependent on the boxing debutant pulling off an epic upset. The money has been piling in thick and fast on the Dubliner, prompting odds makers to slash their offerings in line with the demand.

It’s not only in the UK or Ireland where punters have been laying heavy on the UFC star. At the end of July, William Hill’s American branch received a $150,000 bet on McGregor. This stands to net the recipient over $650,000 if ‘Notorious’ does the business. Over on Twitter the boxing hardcore fraternity have derided Conor backers for the past few weeks as they post their betting slips, whilst proclaiming support for the underdog.

Social media user @swiizzzzzy jumped on a McGregor thread, writing: “I put a £1,000 [sic] on you Conor!! That’s a lot of money to me but I believe you will make history!!” Swizzy had placed the money on McGregor beating Mayweather by any method, at odds of 9/2 via William Hill.

Finding solid value on the Mcgregor vs Mayweather odds market isn’t that easy but one punter has laid down $880,000 in expectation of a $1,000,000 return on Mayweather. The profit of which will be donated to charity by the interested party, if it comes to fruition. A risky business given the shenanigans surrounding Tony Bellew’s upset win over David Haye earlier this year, when Haye’s knee gave out and Bellew mopped up on a shock victory. The idea that any sort of anomalies or dark arts could come in to play, such as Floyd exchanging his unbeaten record for an upset loss or draw, are wide of the mark in my opinion. ‘Money’ has spent his entire career cultivating an image based on the fact that he is unbeaten and would not sell out on that, even for the potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on offer.

Some boxing pundits have gone so far as to say that they will not recognise Floyd as legitimately reaching 50-0 given that his opponent has never before stepped in to a professional boxing ring.

Currently Floyd Mayweather is 2/7 with Ladbrokes while Conor McGregor comes in at 11/4. Ladbrokes have the draw priced around the usual region at 33/1. Odds have tightened so much that McGregor is perceived as having a better chance dethroning Mayweather than Floyd’s last opponent, Andre Berto, who Mayweather defeated in September 2015, before taking a ring hiatus. Even seasoned bookmakers have been taken aback by the interest in McGregor’s chances.

“Nothing is predictable when it comes to McGregor and we didn’t foresee this level of support for him when we first set up the market,” admitted Paddy Power spokesperson Féilim Mac An Iomaire.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati has seen similar movement as the big money comes raining in. While savvy punters were putting their money down on Mayweather to start with, it's McGregor who's starting to get gamblers parting with their hard-earned cash.

According to Market Watch on the Mcgregor vs Mayweather odds there is a plethora of unorthodox betting angles that the discerning punter can take advantage of. Mayweather at -175 is more likely than McGregor at +125 to have a bigger entourage during the walk-in while McGregor is +650 to throw an illegal kick during the contest. The latter is not completely outside of the realms of possibility. If tensions rise and things get nasty during the heat of battle, McGregor could potentially resort to some nefarious tactics.

Mayweather himself is the master of using shoulders and elbows in clinches and has found controversial incidents easy to come by over his long and illustrious career. Floyd once knocked out Victor Ortiz with a two-punch combination as Ortiz, who just seconds earlier had dropped in a blatant headbutt, tried to touch gloves. In his first meeting with Marcos Maidana, Mayweather accused the rough-and-tumble Argentine of biting his hand. Before that, during his fight with Zab Judah, Floyd was accused mid-fight by Judah’s father and trainer Yoel of low blows and in a matter of seconds the ring was swelled with angry entourages looking to take swings at each other.

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