Pool For Beginners – A Guide on How best to start Playing

Pool For Beginners

Updated: 19th September 2023

Guide to playing Pool For Beginners

There are pool tables in pubs all over the UK. If you`ve ever wanted to impress friends by winning at pool, but don`t know where to start read this guide. It will introduce the basics of the game as well as providing tips and tricks to give you a solid advantage over your mates.

Beginning the game of Pool

To be a master at pool, you simply need to know the basics and practice regularly. Firstly, make sure you have your equipment in order. Ensure you keep the tip of your cue well chalked, this is essential to ensure a good hit. Repeat this action before every shot. Hold the cue with a relaxed grip allowing your wrists to move flexibly.

Now focus on your Pool Bridge

A pool bridge is created with your hand to provide your cue with a steady base when you are taking a shot. Many beginners have unsteady bridges which fail to support the cue. It is worth spending some time practicing creating a stable bridge to increase the chances of an accurate shot. There are many different types of bridge, however beginners should focus on the open bridge. This involves spreading out your fingers to form an arch and positioning the thumb close to your neighbouring finger. The cue rests between these two digits.

Watch Tips on How to form a Pool Bridge with your hand

How to Aim

Aiming correctly is one of the fundamentals of pool. When beginning pool many players fail to take enough time and apply enough focus resulting in inaccurate shots. To start with, aim to strike the ball in its centre. Focus on the pressure you are applying to each shot and note how far the ball travels. With time, you will be able to control where the ball ends after each shot. Many beginners will find it difficult to aim correctly due to their body posture. Make sure you position yourself in a comfortable stable position before every shot.

How to shoot

There are many features of an accurate shot, however the most important is that your stroke is smooth and straight. Ensure your stance is stable and take your time before taking a shot, do not be rushed by your opponent. Next you can make the `break`. This occurs at the beginning of the game when the player hits the balls with a cue in order to disperse them throughout the table.

Finally, Practice!

As with any sport, practice is vital in order to improve. To make big improvements you should aim to play two to three times a week. Many choose to buy their own pool table in order to work on their aim, stance and strike without the pressure of others watching. If you do not want to pay for a full size pool table in your house, or do not have the space, it is possible to buy 6ft folding pool tables online. This will allow you to play in your own home and fold the table away when finished. This is also a great way to entertain friends when they come to visit. Another option is to join a local pool team, however you may need some degree of experience before being accepted.

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