The Veteran Quarterback Carousel Is Falling Apart, Except for Kirk Cousins

The Veteran Quarterback Carousel Is Falling Apart, Except for Kirk Cousins 1

Updated: 17th May 2024

The 2018 quarterback carousel might have been a not successful episode of turd polishing. When the offseason started, Kirk Cousins appeared like a quarterback with squandered upside in Washington, Case Keenum was fresh off an NFC champion look and Alex Smith was the rocket guy in Kansas City's superpower offense.

Aside from the Minnesota Vikings, who won the Cousins sweepstakes, the groups that obtained a veteran quarterback have actually had little success in adjusting that quarterback to their system.

Here's a check-up on the arise from this offseason's quarterback motion.

Kirk Cousins , Minnesota Vikings : Cousins is the only success story in the lot, even if Cousins' Vikings are simply 2-2-1. Cousins has actually been unbelievably great statistically, finishing 71.2 percent of his passes for 1,688 lawns, 11 goals and 2 interceptions. The Vikings' loss to the Buffalo Bills stays a head-scratcher, however Minnesota otherwise appears poised to end up as among the NFC's finest, in part due to Cousins' strong play.

Case Keenum , Denver Broncos : What a mess in Denver. They were expected to be a quarterback away. Their issues appear to go well beyond Keenum, even if he hasn't been especially great. He's finishing 63.5 percent of his passes for 1,365 lawns, 5 goals and 7 interceptions. Even when Keenum plays well, like he did last week with 377 backyards, 2 goals and an interception, Denver discovers a method to lose.

Alex Smith , Washington Redskins : Smith's breakout season in 2017 wasn't an item of an abrupt “aha!” minute. It was an item of Andy Reid and the Chiefs' system. The Redskins have actually not had the ability to duplicate that success. Smith has actually fallen back to his common vanilla-ice-cream, shrug-emoji brand name that we've seen in his 12 seasons prior to 2017. With 4 goals and 2 interceptions in 4 video games in 2018, Smith is great. His regression has actually undoubtedly been a frustration in Washington, even if it wasn't a huge surprise to the remainder of the NFL. At 2-2, the Redskins are atop the NFC East, however they will not be for long.

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Sam Bradford , Arizona Cardinals : Josh Rosen was constantly going to win this task. Even Bradford appeared resigned to that truth this offseason . Bradford has actually been a paid too much backup for several years. He's oft-injured, and when he isn't harmed, his play does not fit the image of the veteran who was as soon as a No. 1 total choice. He's been no various in Arizona in the NFL's worst offense.

A.J. McCarron , Buffalo Bills : The next huge thing? McCarron looked like a gamer whose story had the prospective to follow Jimmy Garoppolo's story. When enabled to transfer to a various group, he would stand out as a starter. McCarron, nevertheless, was waiting in the wings behind Andy Dalton, who need to be a bit simpler to supplant than Tom Brady. Possibly that need to have been evidence enough to deduce that McCarron isn't rather at Garroppolo's level. Obviously, McCarron isn't even much better than Nathan Peterman. Yes, the Nathan Peterman, who owns a few of the worst quarterbacking statistics in current memory . McCarron lost the quarterback fight to Peterman. McCarron likewise made the error of signing up with among the NFL's worst offenses in Buffalo.

Tyrod Taylor , Cleveland Browns : It's never ever a great indication for a veteran when his group prepares a quarterback No. 1 overall. The Browns traded for Taylor, however when Baker Mayfield signed up with Cleveland, Taylor didn't stand much of an opportunity, a minimum of shortly term. As quickly as Taylor wasn't healthy sufficient to play, Mayfield took control of and hasn't given up control of the task. Taylor's only hope of beginning is a trade. The more Mayfield is successful, the more Taylor's statistics appear damning (48.8 conclusion portion, 462 passing lawns, 2 goals, 2 interceptions).

Teddy Bridgewater , New York Jets : Bridgewater's return is still in the making — — if it ever turns out. The Minnesota Vikings' 2014 first-round choice burnt out his knee in gruesome style, went back to football last season with the Vikings and got in totally free firm in 2018. The Jets provided him a spin throughout training school and preseason, however figured he held more worth on the trade market than he did on their lineup. They dealt him to the New Orleans Saints with Drew Brees and dual-threat quarterback Taysom Hill. It's not a bad scenario — — Bridgewater is making money well to do extremely little bit. That stated, Bridgewater isn't especially near ending up being a starter.

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