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Top 10 Best Gambling sites UK

The 10 best online sports gambling sites for UK free bets and promotions, plus our opinions on the October 2022 rankings, can be discovered below.

On our devoted sportbooks betting page, you can discover the absolute best betting sites in the UK and the right online bookie for you and all of your individual wagering needs.

We are always altering and changing the list of betting sites based on the sportsbooks' continuing efficiency on a range of metrics, from variety of markets and odds to generosity and clarity of existing and new customer deals and promos.

Top 5 Latest New UK Betting Sites

  • Tired of your existing online UK bookmaker and want to try out a new betting site?
  • Then see our top new betting sites for UK players listed below all with sign up bonuses for first time customers.

Betting Site Reviews

Discover more about the New UK betting sites in our bookmaker Reviews.

The best betting sites list changes as new bookmakers are being launched. So punters face a decision as to which are the best new gambling sites to join?

This is why we continually review and maintain our report on the best betting sites for 2022.

The bookmakers that have been granted a UK license are your first port of call.

This means that you are looking at only the best betting sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

We do further checks on the bookmaker sites and make sure they deliver on sports betting choice, sign up bonus, security, safety and customer service.

How Does Sports Betting Work — The Basics

Sports betting can get complicated. But at its very core, you sign up to a bookmaker, fund your account, place a bet, and wait to see if you win. While being successful involves much more than just guessing the winner, you can add value to your bets by choosing the right wager and sportsbook for you.

We'll cover everything from the definition of sportsbook betting to how you can easily find the best UK betting sites.

What Is Sportsbook Betting?

A sportsbook, otherwise known as a bookmaker or bookie, is a company that allows you to bet on sports like football, American football, basketball, racing, mixed martial arts, boxing, tennis, baseball, golf, and even things like politics or entertainment.

Typically, they accept bets on both sides of the sporting event. How? Due to the difference between the amount you wager and the amount you win. For instance, you might have to bet £110 to win £100 or £105 to win £100.

With that in mind, defining sportsbook betting is easy — it's the practice of wagering at a bookie or online betting site.

How Does Sports Betting Work?

Placing sports bets online is easy. As long as you're over the age of 18 and are betting at licensed bookmakers, you're good to go.

Sports betting works like this:

  1. You create an account at one of the best UK sportsbooks. Use our criteria below to find your favourite. The signup process should take just a few minutes, but you will need to provide ID to verify your age.
  2. Deposit money using your preferred payment method. These days, it should fund your account instantly.
  3. Find the bet you want to place and add it to your slip. Make sure you've done your research to give you the best chance of winning.
  4. Finally, watch the action on the bookie's live streaming service or do something else while you wait for the result!

How to Find the Best UK Sports Betting Sites

You know the basics. So, it's time to find the best UK-based sportsbook.

To do that, you need to:

#1 Consider Licensing and Legislation

Firstly, any betting site you utilize must be regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. It set the bar for sports betting regulation, meaning you can be sure you're gambling in a safe, secure environment.

Bookmakers with UKGC approval must consistently demonstrate their commitment to responsible gambling. Plus, they need to have secure payment methods.

Avoid any bookie without these credentials.

#2 Look at the Welcome Offers and Promotions

The UK's leading sportsbooks have wonderfully general welcome offers to new players.

We recommend looking for introductory promotions that are accessible and achievable. In other words, they shouldn't come with large rollover requirements, loopholes, or complex terms and conditions.

Common types of welcome offers to search for are:

  • Risk-free bets — With this offer, you can place a bet knowing you'll get your money back if it doesn't hit. Depending on the bookie, your refund will come as bonus cash.
  • Free bet — It's the most common type of newcomer bonus. While we love it, you have to meet specific requirements before the free bet triggers. Usually, you'll have to place a qualifying bet to ensure its release.
  • Enhanced odds — Otherwise known as a price boost, it's the perfect way to rack up the value on your first bet. You can back a team at a massively inflated price, earning the winnings in cash or bonus funds.
  • Matched deposit — Usually, you'll get a 100% matched deposit. So, if you deposit £10, they'll match it, effectively doubling your account funds.
  • No deposit bonus — What's rare is wonderful and the no deposit bonus is no exception. You earn this offer by registering, even without depositing. If you win with the bonus, you may need to meet wagering requirements before being allowed to withdraw the funds.
  • Deposit bonus — It's like a matched deposit by the bookie may offer a 50% or 200% deposit bonus up to a certain amount. Sometimes, existing customers can benefit from these promotions too.
  • Bet X get X — Many of the best betting sites in the UK give you a specific free stake once you've bet the required amount. For instance, you could get a “Bet £5 Get £5” where you must stake £5 on specific odds. Once settled, you'll receive the £5 free bet.

#3 Check Whether There's a Mobile App

Granted, not every best bookie in the UK has a dedicated mobile app. However, they all have a responsive, small-screen-friendly website, making betting on the go stress-free.

The site or app should be easy to navigate and clutter-free. There's nothing worse than wading through pages of rubbish to find what you're looking for.

If there is a native app, it should work seamlessly on both iOS for iPhone and Android devices, while including all the features available on the desktop version.

In our experience, you should be able to place a bet within a few clicks. If the site wants you to jump through hoops, it certainly isn't among the best UK bookies.

#4 Learn their Industry Reputation

No great betting site has a terrible reputation; that should go without saying.

Search third-party review websites to find an accurate depiction of the bookie's public perception. If punters only have good things to say about it, you're on to a winner.

#5 Consider the Market Variety

Variety makes the world go around. So, an extensive market selection is one of the most critical criteria for finding the best UK sports betting sites.

Most bookies provide seemingly limitless markets on the big-time football leagues. Typically, you can choose from the full-time results, total goals, and both teams to score alongside the normal moneyline and over/under bets. Some even offer Asian lines, cards and corners.

But if football isn't your thing, plenty of UK-based betting sites specialize in other sports, particularly horse racing and tennis.

Alternatively, you can find general sportsbooks offering a wide variety of American and niche sports, including:

  • Ice hockey
  • American football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Esports
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Golf
  • And more!

#6 Find Out Whether They Have Attentive Customer Service

The average punter forgets to consider the strength of a bookie's customer service team. But it's a crucial factor — you don't want to be left in the lurch when something goes wrong, especially if you're trying to withdraw your winnings.

Statistically speaking, you'll need to contact a sportsbook's customer service team at some point or another. Thus, you need to be confident that they can provide you with prompt help.

Look for UK betting sites with live chat functions that don't sit you in a queue for hours on end. You may have an urgent query that must be answered before a bet goes live, making responsiveness vital.

#7 Look at the Odds and Pricing

Every bookmaker offers different odds and lines during sporting events. The trick is to find the UK sportsbooks offering the best value for money.

We suggest looking for betting sites that set aggressive standards with their odds. And if they don't limit their customers' stakes, they come out on top of our list!

#8 Consider the Payment Methods Available

Arguably one of the most important factors of a good betting site, payment methods of all types should work instantly, allowing you to fund your account lag-free.

Withdrawals should also be fast. You don't want to wait for your winnings.

Use betting sites that offer the payment method you prefer. Typically, the best UK sportsbooks have three categories of banking options:

  • Card — Visa and MasterCard let you transfer funds to the betting account.
  • E-wallet — Think Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal.
  • Other — This includes bank transfers and pre-paid cards like Paysafecard. Bookies are also starting to offer Apple Pay.

#9 Evaluate the Minimum and Maximum Stakes

The top betting sites tend to have ultra-low minimum stakes, often allowing you to place bets with as little as 10 pence!

As for the maximum stake, they not only vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but also from market to market. For instance, UK sportsbooks are willing to take larger bets for a football betting market than a less popular one.

That said, your stake size might be restricted if you're lucky enough to place numerous winning bets with the same bookie. The leading sites only limit you after careful consideration, so recreational betters will unlikely need to worry.

#10 Check the Live Streaming and In-Play Betting Capabilities

Bookies live streaming events have been around for a few years now, but it's still just as exciting. So, the best UK bookmakers definitely provide streaming and in-play betting services.

You can watch sports through your betting account, making bets seamlessly with the functions in the sidebar. The only stipulation? You need a funded balance to access HD-quality streams.

The Bottom Line

There is so much more to learn, but this is enough to get you started. Although, we suggest educating yourself further to give you the best chance of wagering successfully!

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FAQ's on Sports Betting

We have answered the most popular questions that get asked about sports betting below. I hope you find it useful and if you have any question not listed feel free to email me at

The only thing that rivals the lottery in terms of betting in the United Kingdom is sports betting! Whether you’re playing for the thrill of it or you need to win big, you could benefit from FAQ’s on sports betting!

Sports betting in the United Kingdom is not only secure thanks to the oversight of the Gambling Commission, but it can be both enjoyable and profitable.

The most popular and varied options for sports betting are found in football, but other, lesser-known sports offer an opportunity to learn more than bookmakers and the chance to win more money.

In this article, we’ll cover the most frequently-asked questions relating to sports betting in the UK, including which sport is the best for betting, which states allow betting in the US, and even useful queries like how often favorites win!

What Is The Best Sport For Betting?

The best sport for betting in the UK is the country’s most popular, widely broadcasted sport: football! The reason this sport is so popular for placing bets is because not only is it popular, but the amount of people entering the market boosts the odds significantly!

Football is available all over the world and offers a wide range of choices in terms of what to bet on.

For example, you can choose to bet on which teal will be the next to score a goal, or which team will get a yellow card.

Is Sports Betting Illegal In US?

Sports betting is made legal on a state-by-state basis in the United States. Currently, more than 24 states allow sports betting.

There are also restrictions based on whether or not the betting is in-person, and the legislation process differently over time.
Below is a list of the current states where sports betting is legal as of the year 2022:

New HampshireLegal Online
Rhode IslandLegal Online
New YorkLegal Online
MarylandLegal Retail
DelawareLegal Retail
PennsylvaniaLegal Online
New JerseyLegal Online
ConnecticutLegal Online
VirginiaLegal Online
North CarolinaLegal Retail
TennesseeLegal Online
West VirginiaLegal Online
VirginiaLegal Online
IndianaLegal Online
MichiganLegal Online
WisconsinLegal Retail
IowaLegal Online
IllinoisLegal Online
ArkansasLegal Online
LouisianaLegal Online
ArizonaLegal Online
ColoradoLegal Online
MississippiLegal Retail
LouisianaLegal Online
New MexicoLegal Retail
NevadaLegal Online
WyomingLegal Online
North DakotaLegal Retail
South DakotaLegal Retail
MontanaLegal Retail
WashingtonLegal Retail
OregonLegal Online

Is It Possible To Win At Sports Betting?

It is possible to win at sport’s betting: however, a famous phrase about all betting is, "there are no sure things.” This simply means that any time you wager, you’re taking a risk that you will fail to win any money. This certainly applies to sports betting, because no matter the sport, too many variables are present to ever be confident that your hunch is correct.
However, there are a few good rules of thumb to stick to when betting so that you can boost your chances of winning. Wales Online recommends:
• Don’t Trust The Favorite – The favorite that bookies suggest is not always the winner. If you find yourself trusting the prices set by bookies, try taking a bigger risk instead. You never know when the “long shot” will actually surprise everyone and win big for you!
• Understand the Sport – If you know the sport you’re betting on, your guesses while gambling will be far more educated! Keep yourself abreast of which football team has the most experienced players and which health issues racehorses may experience, for example.
• Think Small – If you want to win large amounts of money, you’ll have to make small amounts of selections to bet on. Try putting your money on smaller teams, placing no more than four stakes.
• Try a Variety of Bookmakers – Many companies emphasize customer loyalty and make a racket off of people who stick to them, exclusively. However, bookmaker prices are varying all the time, and you could serve yourself better by checking which has the best price for you.
• Follow Unpopular Sports – Bookmakers sometimes pick up sports and allow you to place bets on them without doing their homework. You may have a chance to study up on these lesser-known sports, like the UK, and out-anticipate the bookmakers themselves!

What Sport Is Easiest To Win Betting?

Because there are no sure things in betting, it’s difficult to determine which is easiest. However, the population of the United Kingdom tends to bet most regularly on football. The national sport is not only the most popular sport to bet on.
Because of it’s variety of betting choices and the sheer amount of people entering the wagers, you may find winning at least one or two of your stakes each game easier than some other sports.

What Is The Safest Bet Option?

In terms of safety in betting your money, the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating all of the betting activity in the nation. This makes it one of the safest, most secure places to bet on sports around the globe.

In terms of safety in risking your money on a stake, there are no completely safe bets. There is always a chance, especially in sports betting, that you’ll lose your money.

However, a Yankee bet may be one of the safest betting options.

A Yankee bet allows the bettor to place multiple stakes and be assured of at least some money coming back, although you’re unable to stake different amounts of money on multiples that aren’t the same within the bet.

What Is The Most Profitable Way To Sports Bet?

The most profitable way to sports bet is to know the sport and know the mathematical tricks to making the most money.

First, be sure that your risk level is low. Then, make sure that that risk level doesn’t outweigh how much money you have to bet.

You can determine the level of risk in your stake by knowing your sport well enough to make the most educated, well-informed guesses!

What Sport Do Favorites Win Most?

Though there are no researched statistics on which sport favorites win most, it is true that favorites win frequently in football.

Which Sport Is Most Unpredictable?

The most unpredictable sport, according to a scientific study cited by The Conversation in an article, The Premier League of football has become the most unpredictable sport in the United Kingdom.

How Do You Bet Like A Sharp?

The best way to bet like a sharp is to be conscious of the fact that betting odds are subject to significant change before a game, and to refrain from heavily betting on favorites.

Instead, people who want to bet like a sharp spread their stakes out in smaller amounts and attempt to find the most value after they’ve placed at least 20 stakes.

How Often Do Favorites Win?

The amount of times favorites win varies depending on the sport, and there is always a chance that underdogs will beat them out.

For example, horse races feature favorites that win around 35% of the time.

However, in golfing tournaments, favorites only win at around 10.5%.

How Do I Win A Live Bet?

Winning a live bet is a gamble among gamblers! However, despite the risks, these bets can be profitable.

According to the Sports, the following tips are best to follow if you want to win a live bet:

• Pick a high-quality betting platform.
• Come prepared with the bets you’ll watch beforehand.
• Be prepared to bet on both sides of a match.
• Take advantage of the betting platform’s option to switch to better odds.

How Much Does A Professional Sports Bettor Make?

Professional sports bettors like Bob Voulgaris and Billy Walters can make anywhere from $50,000 at least to $150,000.

However, it is important to remember, even when looking at these hefty payoffs, that even professional sports bettors tend to lose more than they make.

What Percentage Of Sports Bettors Are Profitable?

As mentioned above, sports bettors that are professionals don’t often keep up a winning streak. Often, the percentage wins for sports bettors are on the low end, between 53% and 54%.

This means that only around 4% of sports bettors make a long-term profit.

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Betting?

The benefits of sports betting are many, and they are not limited to how much money you can make while playing! Some of these benefits are listed below:

• Inexpensive Thrills – Though sports betting does involve losing money, it is an enjoyable way to do so. The same way going to a game in person costs money, the sheer fun of sports betting costs something, too…however, it is comparatively cheaper than most forms of fun, especially if you factor in the chance to make money back.
• Opportunity to Learn – As mentioned previously, you can learn new sports like archery or mixed martial arts instead of enjoying football alone. This comes from the community and fun of exploring more profitable betting options.
• Daily Playing – Not only can sports betting be a hobby that is enjoyed every day thanks to modern technology, but it can be enjoyed from everywhere!

Which Betting Sites offer Cash Out?

The Cash Out feature is offered by many online bookmakers and it means you can take any winnings before the end of the event.

Instead of waiting for your acca bet to complete for example and potentially lose any profit accrued at the time, you could cash out any winnings in-play.

The Cash Out feature puts you in the driving seat and puts the call on you.

Do you Cash Out and take your profit or let the bet run and either win even more or lose it all?

See our best betting sites with cash out page for more information.

What Betting sites accept PayPal?

I have listed the best bookmakers that accept PayPal below. If you are searching for even more betting websites that offer the service then visit our dedicated page on the subject which has a complete list of sites.

William Hill
888 Sport

PayPal is fast becoming one of the punters favourite ways to move money from their bank account to their betting site. It's instant and easy to set up at a bookmaker site.

To utilise PayPal simply register your email PayPal address and you are ready to make your first deposit.

All withdrawals you make from your winnings are instantly credited to your paypal account too. It's super east to set up and use and there's no fees applied from the bookmaker.

Although there is always the odd exception which is Betfair, they levy a small percentage charge.

What Betting sites use Boku?

I have listed the gambling sites below that accept Boku as a payment option.

The payment option allows you to bill your deposits to your mobile phone bill instead of using a more conventional method like debit card.

Netbet Sport
Betfair *
Bet365 *

* Boku deposits are accepted via Neteller at these websites.

Boku is a mobile payment service that bills your deposits and transactions to your mobile phone bill.

So instead of using a debit card or other more recognisable online banking methods you can make deposits to your bookmaker via your phone bill account.

All costs are billed directly to your mobile phone.

The service is available for online services like subscriptions, betting on sports and casino and general gaming.

Which UK Betting Site is the Best?

Of all the betting sites online, and there are many, for the best gambling experience we rate as top of the pile.

You get the full package at Bet365 online. The bookmaker comes tops for choice of sports markets, types of bets, promotions, customer service and players satisfaction.

There's every feature you would expect from a best betting site including live streaming sports, in-play betting, cash out and plenty more.

Add the Bet365 generous sign up bonus and we think the Bet365 betting site should be every bettors first choice of bookmaker.

Which Betting Sites give Bonus Bets?

These days almost every bookmaker I can think of will give you a sign up bonus of some sort.

The only exception is That bookie offers instead the promise of better odds by way of tighter margins offered by their odds compilers.

To see a complete list of online bookmakers and their welcome offers visit our page here.

A free bet of course doesn't exist as such. There are always requirements needed by you, the player, before the bonus amount is released into your account.

An example would be that you have to bet £5 first of your own money in order to receive £20 in credit bets.

There are always full terms and conditions attached to all free bets or bonuses so it's best to be fully aware of these first.

Restrictions on deposit methods and free bet expiry terms are the some of the most noteworthy.

Most sign up bonuses though are a welcome way to try out the bookmaker so it's useful to place a bet or two with your bonus money first.

Which Betting Sites show Live Streaming of Sports?

Live streaming is a great way to enjoy the running of your bet even more. To watch the action unfold while hoping for your bet to win on the event adds more value to your wager.

Not that many bookmakers offer live streaming so it's good to pinpoint the ones that do.

In our opinion the most comprehensive live streaming service offered by a bookmaker is undoubtedly Bet365.

You will need to have a funded Bet365 account and to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to qualify for watching live streaming for free.

However there are other betting sites that offer live streaming and you should visit our Which Top Bookies offer Live Streaming for Horse Racing page for the answers.

Why do Betting Sites need your Address?

When you sign up for a bookmaker account you always need to create a username and password and you also need to verify your identity by giving your full name and address. This is even more essential today with increasing methods of fraud online.

The bookmakers are no different to any other online organisation they need to prevent fraudalent accounts not least to prevent money laundering.

As the saying goes if you've got nothing to hide then providing an address shouldn't be a problem.

The online bookmakers are ever more accountable to the UK Gambling commission these days.

If the betting sites are found to be accepting money from unscrupulous individuals they can get their UK license revoked.

The providing of an address helps the bookmakers to verify your identity it doesn't mean you'll receive mass mailings from them.

So it's nothing to be concerned about and is simply part of the identity check to make gambling a safer enviroment for everybody online.

What is a Bookmaker?

A bookmaker is someone who accepts bets on sports.

Forms an odds market around the chances of the sport event's success and offers the prices to it's clients - you and me as punters.

We then place a stake amount on the odds chances in the hope of winning!

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